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Chlorine and hard water salts in your water are among the most common causes of hair-fall, dry skin and a range of other dermatological cond...
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The Cleo Shower Filter by Water Science has a 4-layer filtering system to filter chlorine and hard water salts to give clean water. It features a patented KDF technology from KDF fluid treatment USA, that eliminate up to 95% chlorine in your water. Hard water is tough on your skin and hair making it dull and dry. Thanks to its effective filter cartridge, the Cleo shower filter from Water Science will not only filter out most of the contaminants in your water, but it will also make it softer. The filter also eliminates bacteria and minerals that create lime or mold, making your shower easy to maintain. The filter suspends and dissolves micro-particles and impurities to remove unpleasant odor. You can install the shower filter to your standard wall shower with the do it yourself installation kit by Water Science.

Note:Life of the CLEO cartridge is 25,000 litres or 6 months, whichever is earlier. An average 10-min shower consumes about 60-70 litres of water. Assuming 2 showers a day, the cartridge should last for roughly 6 months. Cartridge life also depends on your water quality. You may notice a reduction in water flow from the cartridge. If reverse-flushing doesn’t restore the water flow, you have to replace the cartridge. CLEO helps to condition the hard water salts ( calcium & magnesium carbonates ) into less aggressive form, so they cannot deposit on your hair & skin and washes out with the water. It also reduces up to 90 % chlorine ( harmful ) and converts it to chloride ( harmless ) that again washes away with the water. However, CLEO Shower Filter is not a water softener and is not designed to reduce hardness ( which is only possible by RO / Nano filtration systems used for drinking water purification). Installation

With the free Do-it-Yourself installation kit, you can start using your Cleo shower filter in under 3 minutes.

Benefits of use
  • Reduces hair fall, by eliminating chlorine and hard water salts
  • The KDF and nano silver carbons prevent chlorine from damaging your skin
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Keeps your bathroom walls and floors limescale free
  • Eliminates bad odor
How to install the Cleo Shower Filter
  • The Cleo shower filter can be installed on any standard 1/2” threaded shower arm
  • Remove the shower head by turning it counterclockwise with the help of a spanner
  • To remove any debris present on the thread pipe, clean it with a piece of sandpaper
  • Wrap the Teflon tap included in the installation kit tightly around the thread
  • Remove the packaging stickers and firmly place the Cleo shower filter on the shower arm by turning it clockwise
  • Ensure there are no leaks and if required make use of the spanner to tighten it further
  • Turn the entire faceplate clockwise until it fits in the thread perfectly
  • Flushing – Turn on the shower for 3 minutes to flush out any discolored water with carbon dust
  • If there is severe clogging, you may have to repeat the flush steps
  • Re-insert the cartridge red side up and close
  • Reduces hair fall, protects skin, removes odours
  • Gives you a clean and healthy shower experience
  • Removes suspended particles, reduces effects of hardness
  • Chlorine and heavy metals like lead and mercury prevents bacteria

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    shower filter for hard water is good for my hair, hairfall has reduced. i like it
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