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Get yourself an amazing Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation from the house of Dr. Vaidya. This constipation pack includes Kabaj Churna 50 gm...
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Dr. Vaidyas Constipation Pack consist of LIVitup, the liver strengthening capsules and Kabaj Churna for improving digestion. Both components are made from natural and ayurvedic herbs and are free from harmful chemical. This constipation pack does not cause any harm to the health and ensures effective results. LIVitup Capsules are must have hangover cure solution and helps protect the liver in the long-term. LIVitup effectively reduces acetaldehyde secretion into the blood which reduces the hangover in the short term.

These ayurvedic capsules help protect the liver lining from cirrhosis, fatty liver and other liver diseases in the long term. It also helps in maintaining clear skin and prevents constipation. Kabaj Churan is an amazing solution to keep the digestive system healthy and strong. It is an Ayurvedic solution for constipation made from a perfect blend of ayurvedic herbs and herbal ingredients that provide relief from habitual or periodic constipation. It helps loosen the stools and increase the bowel movements. It also removes gas from the body, gives relief from constipation and improves digestion.

  • 100% natural and free from chemicals
  • Effective hangover cure and long-term liver protector
  • Reduces the effects on the brain, stomach, and liver
  • Reduces nausea, gastric pain, and headache
  • Stimulates bowel movements
  • Offers instant relief from the pain & discomfort caused due to constipation

Product Specifications

SKU SEN071-New-DV38
No of Contents LIVitup! (5 capsules x 6 packets), Kabaj Pills (30 pills x 2 bottles)
Product Weight 90 gm
Return Policy Non Returnable
Brand Dr Vaidya

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