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Neckfit brings to you these ergonomically designed custom fit cervical pillows to helps support your Cervical Lordosis or neck length whi...

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This Classic cervical pillow by Neckfit is an innovatively designed ergonomic pillow which is tailor made to your size. Wrong pillows are usually one of the reasons for neck (Cervical spondylosis), shoulder, back and lower back pain as they can disturb the posture of the cervical spine while sleeping. This Classic cervical pillow cradles the neck length and adapts to its natural curvature to offer comfort, support and perfect alignment of neck & the back, this eliminates the need to keep adjusting the pillow even if you sleep on the side or on your back.

The classic pillow features a stitching intersection in the middle where there is zero thickness, also called the Occipital-pit. This allows your spine to be in a naturally correct position while resting on the bed. The central stitching parallel to its width is the Occipital-groove, where the neck rests, it is as long as the lordotic curve or neck length. When sleeping on the side, the pillow slightly elevates your head and rests it according to the broadness of your shoulder. This classic cervical pillow is most suitable for people with a shallow neck curve.

Choose the right pillow from a wide range depending on the neck length and shoulder broadness. The shoulder length ranges from less than 10 to 17.78 cm and for neck length -

  • A 35.56 x 68.58 range - For neck length between 8.89 to 12 cm
  • 35.56 x 68.58 range - For neck length between 12 to 15.8 cm
  • 40.64 x 68.58 range - For neck length between 15.8 to 19.6 cm
  • 43.18 x 68.58 range - For neck length between 19.6 to 22.8 cm


  • Perfect for people with a shallow neck curve
  • A four sectioned pillow
  • Features zero-thickness point in the middle
  • Adapts to the natural curvature of your neck
  • Cradles the neck length
  • Promotes proper posture while sleeping
  • Great for non-pillow users
  • Custom fit as per your need
  • Wide range of pillows according to the neck and shoulder length & broadness
  • Available in different sizes

Product Specifications

SKU SEN506-A-68-58-x-35-56-x-6-35-cm-Neckfit
Manufacturer Novepro Corp, New Mumbai- 400614
Country of Origin India
Brand Neckfit
Material Quilted Fabric
Return Policy Non Returnable
Color White

How to use Custom Fit Classic Pillow - Neckfit

Step 1 -

  • To select the right pillow, first, measure your neck
  • It is to be done by measuring the DICOP (i.e the distance between C7 vertebrae and occipital protuberance)
  • Distance between the upper and lower ends of the curve is the neck length
  • Stand straight & look at the eye level (Don’t bend your head)
  • Use a ruler and place it at the prominent bone of the spine (i.e the C7 bone)
  • Measure it from C7 vertebrae to the occipital protuberance (i.e the most outward point on the back head, just above the neck)
  • The distance between these points is the DICOP or neck length

Step 2 –

  • Now measure your shoulder broadness
  • Stand side ways with your one arm pressing against the wall
  • Your body and wall are at a 90 degree angle
  • Do not tilt your head left or right
  • Now measure the distance between the wall and the tragus (the small cartilage of the ear)

Step 3 –

Choose a Neckfit pillow which is as thick as this measurement and minus 2.5-3.8 cm.

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From the Manufacturer

Designed with creativity and innovation, and to make it accessible to the common man, NeckFit’s main goal is to transcend the stereotypes, this principle can be seen in our products. Hence, our products are unconventional in design or utility or sometimes both. We recognize that consumers today put in a lot of thought before making any purchases, we appeal to cater to that group of consumers who appreciate novelty of thought, regardless of the shape or form.

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