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Nutrivalue Cviti Granules is a sweet herb, 25 to 30 times sweeter than sugar. It contains no calories. It has a number of minerals, salts, v...
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Appears exactly like sugar and can also be used like sugar. In place of one teaspoon of regular sugar you can use one Cviti spoon to give the same sweetness. One spoonful of sugar will give you 16 Kcal where as one Cviti spoon equivalent will have just two Kcal. It Help to control Hypertension and High Blood Pressure. The Cviti Granules aids in digestion and reduces acidity.


  • Help to control hypertension
  • Anti oxidant and a weight loss aid
  • Anti bacterial, anti viral and anti ageing
  • Help to control high blood pressure

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Product Weight 150 gm
Brand Nutrivalue

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