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Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are one of the most extensively used products by both men and women that are prone to incontinence issues because of several health problems. These medical issues can include mobility impairment, dementia, severe diarrhoea or injuries and accidents. Diapers feature super absorbent layers that have a high retaining capacity for prolonged use, making it ideal for overnight protection and travelling.

How do adult diapers work?

Individuals with urinary incontinence can benefit from wearing adult diapers to stay comfortable and boost their confidence. Adult diapers are padded and are usually disposable cotton briefs like those worn by infants.

A diaper comprises of two or more layers made of hydrophilic material that absorbs liquid and can be thrown away after use. With varying degrees of absorbency, diapers are usually super absorbent and work best for overnight protection.

Adult Diapers for Men

There are different styles of adult diapers for men, based on the waist, hip, and leg cuff sizes that help achieve a fair degree of a custom fit. These diapers include adult diapers that come in a pull up style to ones that use tape fasteners on the sides.

Adult Diapers for Women

A gender-specific product is designed to protect men and women where they need it most. Women may use diapers, pull-ups, pads or liners. Several adult pull-up diapers are either unisex or made specifically for men or women. However, pads are almost exclusively used by women.

Adult Diaper Sizes

Ill-fitting adult diapers tend to be less effective and are extremely uncomfortable. Specially designed to provide maximum comfort, diapers are made of soft fabric and are available in a range of sizes that can be purchased as per one’s requirement. Available in all sizes- small, medium, large and extra-large, you can buy unisex adult diapers online at best prices from top brands on Seniority, for a convenient experience.

How to find the Right Fit for Adult Diapers?

Size charts are not standard, and every brand of adult diapers can have its own sizing. Therefore, you can use your waist and hip measurements to determine the appropriate size for each brand.

Once you have your measurements – then check the brand’s sizing chart to see what size can fit you best.

Choosing a diaper also depends on the level of absorbency you are looking for – light, moderate, heavy.

How long does an adult diaper work?

An adult diaper is made of super absorbent layers that can absorb and retain large capacities of liquid. How often one must change their diaper depends on the lifestyle and health of the individual wearing them. A diaper must immediately be changed if it becomes soiled because if left unchanged can cause skin irritations and further health problems. For hygiene purposes, it is recommended that one should not wear a wet or soiled diaper for a prolonged period.

Where to buy adult diapers?

Buy a wide range of diapers from top brands online for both men and women. Seniority offers a selection of easy to wear diapers ranging from pull up diapers, pant style diapers for adults, open diapers and many more. These super absorbent diapers for adults are available in different sizes that are skin friendly and provide lasting protection from leakages.

How to wear an adult diaper?

Buy a wide range of diapers from top brands online for both men and women. Seniority offers a selection of easy to wear diapers ranging from pull up diapers, pant style diapers for adults, open diapers and many more. These super absorbent diapers for adults are available in different sizes that are skin friendly and provide lasting protection from leakages.

How to wear an adult diaper with tabs?

  • Fold the diaper lengthwise and now hold the diaper in such a manner that the side with no tapes is placed at the front and the taped side is at the back.
  • Ensure that the wearer is lying sideways if they can’t wear it on their own and help them pass the diaper between their thighs from front to back,
  • If the user wants to wear it with no help, they should pass the diaper between their thighs from front to back by standing.
  • Stick the tape on the lower side at an angle upwards and the tape on the upper side downwards on the front of the diaper for a better grip.
  • Now adjust the diaper in order to make it comfortable and avoid leakages.

How to wear a pull up style adult diaper?

  • Choose a diaper that fits the wearer’s size.
  • Then locate the back and front of the diaper before wearing.
  • The wearer must insert each leg into each foot hole of the diaper, with the front and back of the diaper placed properly.
  • Using both hands simultaneously, simply pull up the diaper just like a regular underwear.
  • Ensure that it is fitted properly and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Types of Adult Diaper

Various types of diapers are available like disposable or reusable diapers, adult pull-up diapers, open diapers, adult diaper pants / briefs and many more that offer the same level of security, comfort and confidence. Opting for a diaper that has the right size and is suitable as per your requirements, can prevent discomfort and leakages. Each type has a unique feature, allowing you to choose what fits you best. Here are some of the most popular types of Adult Diapers-

  • Disposable Adult Diapers
  • These diapers can be easily disposed, immediately after being used and cannot be reused.

  • Reusable or Cloth Adult Diapers
  • Reusable diapers come in a variety of types, that can be washed and reused. They are like regular underwear, but come with inserts made of cotton, polyester or nylon that absorb liquids without staining garments.

  • Adult Pull Up Diapers
  • The diapers resemble a regular underwear and sometimes feature tear away sides for easy removal. Their flexible shape offers you convenience and prevents any discomfort.

  • Briefs
  • Adult briefs are the most commonly used type of adult diapers, that feature both refastenable and non-refasten tabs.

  • Adhesive Pads
  • These are regular pads made of super absorbent material that hold themselves in place with the help of different types of attachments.

  • Pant Style Diapers for Adults
  • These types of diapers feature a brief like opening and provide a snug fit just like underwear. You can pull them on and off like regular underwear

  • Under Pads
  • Under pads act as an incontinence aid and are often placed on beds or wheelchairs to keep the surfaces dry. Hospitals, nursing homes, and day care centres use under pads to protect mattresses, cribs, chairs, sofas or wheelchairs.

    Adult Diapers with Tabs

    These diapers feature two re-fasten two tabs on each side that make it easy to change. Adult diapers with tabs are more comfortable to wear because they can be easily adjusted as needed and provide a secure fit

  • Overnight diapers
  • Overnight diapers are designed to offer maximum incontinence absorbency and extended wear protection. Ideal for overnight use, they stay dry for up to six to eight hours offering uninterrupted sleep without the risk of any skin irritation.

    To know more & make an informed decision, refer our Adult Diaper Buying Guide

    Adult Diaper Brands Available at Seniority

    Buy Adult diapers online at Seniority from several brands that include Friends, Easycare, Dignity, Tena, Seni, Magna, XtraCare, Liberty and much more. So, no matter your need or comfort level, start protecting yourself without worrying.

    Buy Adult Diapers Online at Seniority

    With Seniority you can now go about your daily activities in a prompt, confident and independent way. Seniority brings to you a range of adult diapers for both men and women to make life easier and comfortable wherever you are.

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