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Pull-Up Pants

Incontinence is a serious problem that can occur due to old age in most cases and can have other causes too, such as urinary tract infections, infections, constipation etc. As we age, the muscles that support our bladder tend to weaken, leading to this problem. In the case of urinary incontinence, you lose control of your bladder which may result in leakage. This condition can be chronic or temporary, depending on its cause.


Urinary incontinence can be divided into three types and an individual can experience more than one type of incontinence at the same time.

    • Stress Incontinence:

    This type of incontinence is triggered due to certain types of physical activity. You can lose control of your bladder due to exercising, coughing, sneezing or laughing. These activities may put stress on the sphincter muscle which is responsible for holding urine in your bladder. The added stress causes the muscle to release urine.

    • Urge Incontinence:

    This type of incontinence occurs when you lose control of the bladder after experiencing a strong and very sudden urge to urinate. Once the urge hits, it may not be possible for you to make it to the bathroom.

    • Overflow Incontinence:

    This type of incontinence occurs when you do not empty your bladder while urinating. Later, some of the remaining urine may leak from the bladder, causing it to reach your clothes. This incontinence is also sometimes known as dribbling.

Seniority has curated a range of products that can help you with the problem of incontinence and prevent your clothes from getting messy. One of these products is Adult Diapers.

Adult diapers can be used by both men and women prone to the problem of incontinence. These diapers are especially designed to tackle this problem and give you a sense of confidence as people may otherwise hesitate to go out. Adult diapers are like briefs that have the ability to absorb high quantities of moisture and wetness and not only protect your clothes from wetness but are also comfortable on the skin.

Pull-up diapers, a type of adult diapers, are just like regular underwear and can be worn by simply pulling them up like pants. This type of adult diaper sometimes comes with tear-away sides to allow easy removal when it’s time to change. The flexible shape and waist of these diapers makes wearing diapers easy and convenient.

These diapers are made with super absorbent material and can protect your clothing for hours at a time. They have an elastic waist, which ensures a firm grip while you go on with your daily routine. These diapers, in most cases, come with a wetness indicator that tells you when it’s time for a diaper change. This feature is very useful as it may not always be possible for people to check their diapers at regular intervals. Pull-up diapers can be worn by both men and women.

    • Premium Pull Up Adult Diapers (Large-Extra Large) – Dignity

    • Pant Style Pull Up Adult Diapers – Absorbia


    There are many advantages of using pant-style adult diapers.

      • Deal with the problem of incontinence effectively

      • Come with an elastic waist, which ensures a firm grip

      • Comfortable on the skin as they are made with breathable material

      • A single diaper can last anywhere between 5 to 12 hours

      • Can be worn without assistance

      • May come with tear-away sides for easy removal

      • Helpful for bedridden patients

      • Can help in severe cases of diarrhoea

      • Gives you a sense of security and confidence

      • Have a superior fitting as they cover lower part of the body perfectly

      • Can be used discreetly


      • Make sure that you are buying diapers from a brand that you trust.

      • Choose the right size to prevent any leakage.

      • You should change your diaper after each bowel movement.

      • Wash your hands before and after diaper change.

      • Properly wrap the soiled diapers and throw in the dustbin.

      • Do not flush used diapers as they can damage the plumbing.


      In addition to urinary incontinence, adult diapers can be useful for:

      • People with temporary mobility disabilities

      • Senior adults with mobility issues

      • People suffering from dementia

      • People who have undergone a surgery

      • Diabetic people

      • People recovering from an accident

      • Permanently bedridden patients


    Adult Pull Up Diaper (Large-Extra Large) – Dignity

    Premium Pull Up Adult Diapers are designed with a soft breathable fabric for extra comfort and reduce the risk of skin irritation and odour formation. The unisex design can be worn with comfort by both men and women. These diapers prevent leakage by converting the fluid to gel and thereby providing complete dryness. The core traps any moisture, thus reducing the formation of any odour.

    Adult Pull Up Diaper - PH Tidy

    PH Tidy Pull Up Diapers are designed with a thought to provide great protection against weak urinary control. The pull-up diapers are made from spongy material that not only soaks up urinary discharge but also feels soft and comfortable on the skin. The pant style diapers have a soft inner lining & pant-style fitting that gives utmost comfort and hygiene. It features a soft waistband that helps prevent pull-ups from slipping down. The curved leg elastics provide better fit and leakage prevention. It has a soft top sheet that helps provide better comfort while keeping skin rash free. The diapers with super absorbent polymer help in quick and higher absorbency and keep moisture away. The diapers help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and prevent bad odor too. The PH Tidy Adult Pant Style Diapers are suitable for men and women and available in two sizes –Medium for waist size 24-44 inches, and Large for waist size 40-55 inches.

    Adult Easywear Diapers – Comfrey

    Comfrey Adult Pull-up Diapers are pant styled disposable diapers offering better hygiene and better fitting. The diapers have a non-woven one way top to keep you feeling dry all the time. They have an inner absorbent pad for better absorption along with super absorbent poly beads to convert the liquid into gel. Also, the diapers can be adjusted and provide multistrand leg elastic for a snug fit with a standing leg guard to prevent side leakage. They are light in weight, prevent odour, leaks and sores or infection.

    Premium Adult Diapers (10 Pieces) - AVM Super Dry

    AVM Super Dry’s Premium Adult Diapers (10 Pieces) has flexible lead guards that avoid leakages from either side. The yellow line printed on the outer layer of the diaper turns into blue colour once it is completely wet. These diapers are equipped with anti-bacterial absorbent core ascertains multilayer protection against odour, leak, and moisture. The high-quality re-fastenable tape helps adjust to a comfortable position. Its soft inner cotton padding offers a cloth-like comfortable feel.

    Premium Adult Diapers (Dry Pants) – Friends

    Premium Friends Adult diapers are the perfect solution to the problem of urinary incontinence and help you lead a fuller life. These diapers come with a high absorbency and keep you clean and dry throughout the day. They offer up to 8 hours of protection and feature an absorb-lock core that reduces odour. They come with a wetness indicator that tells you when it’s time to change the diaper. This helps in maintaining hygiene and eliminates the need to check the diaper frequently. The super absorbent anti-bacterial core absorbs wetness and keeps you hygienic and dry. The coloured waistband indicates the front side of the colour and the brief-like leg openings make it easy to wear the diaper.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. What is an adult diaper?

    An adult diaper is a diaper made for people with the problem of incontinence. These diapers are different from those made for children and are even suited to be worn while carrying out your day-to-day routine. They offer 5 to 12 hours of absorbency and usually come with a wetness indicator to tell you when it’s time to change the diaper.

    2. How to properly put on an adult pull-up diaper?

    • Choose the right size.

    • Locate the front and back side of the diaper.

    • Insert each leg of the wearer in the leg holes with the front and back placed properly.

    • Using both hands simultaneously, pull up the diaper like a regular underwear.

    • Ensure that it fits properly and check for any gaps or loose corners to prevent leakage.

    3. How to change an adult pull-up diaper?

    • Make sure that you wash your hands before taking off an old diaper. You can also wear gloves to ensure that bodily fluids don’t come in contact with your hands.

    • Tear the easy-open sides and slowly remove the diaper while ensuring that the waste does not come in contact with the wearer.

    • Fold it properly and throw it in a dustbin after covering it.

    • Make sure that you clean the wearer before putting on a new diaper.

    4. How to dispose adult diapers?

    After you remove the adult diaper, make sure that you fold it completely to prevent the waste from being exposed to air. After that, cover it properly with a paper or use a diaper disposal bag and throw it in the dustbin. Do not flush the used diaper as it may damage the plumbing.

    5. How often should you change adult diapers?

    Adult diapers must be changed depending on the lifestyle or health of the individual. It must be immediately changed if it’s soiled and if left unchanged, it can cause skin irritation or infections. Do not wear a diaper for more than 5-6 hours as the wetness can cause rashes and discomfort.

    6. How to measure diaper size?

    Size charts are not standard, and every brand can have its own size chart. Therefore, you should use your waist and hip measurements to choose the right size for you. Once you have measured your waist and hip, check the brand’s size chart to choose an appropriate size for you. Choosing an adult diaper can also depend on the absorbency level you are looking for, i.e., light, moderate and heavy.

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