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Senior Citizen Mobile Phone

With the advent of technology, there is a stream of new phones releasing almost every day. Although the complications of using a smartphone can be a little too much for the elderly. Keeping in mind the needs of the senior citizens, a phone must offer a simpler interface to make it easily accessible. Senior citizen friendly phones must make use of bigger fonts to enhance legibility. A big keypad mobile helps in easy dialling and messaging, and a powerful sound output assists clear hearing. A senior citizen phone allows the user to live with greater independence while also aiding greater safety and easier living.

Best Mobile Phone for Senior Citizen and Elderly

Seniority brings to you, an exclusive range of senior citizen mobile phones that are specially designed to cater all their needs. With the aim to provide utmost safety and independence the Easyfone mobile phones are specially designed with several senior-friendly features making it one of the best mobile for senior citizens.

Big Keypad Mobile Phone For Senior Citizen

    • Easyfone

    The smart and stylish easyfone ensures that you are always connected with your loved ones. With its clear and loud sound, the phone amplifies the sound while having a conversation and the loud ringtones ensure that you never miss a call. Easyfone are smartly configured mobile phones for elderly that are easy to use, the special CareTouch technology helps you and your family configure the phone from anywhere in the world. CareTouch lets you configure SOS, set reminders, alarms and block unwanted callers.

    The simple touch dedicated SOS key and revolutionary features help senior adults save time. A simple single press SOS button triggers a siren to alert people nearby, the key sends an SMS to up to 5 emergency contacts with a help message, location details, battery strength and medical information, it also calls them by rotation repeatedly, thereby ensuring the safety of your loved ones at all times.

    A smartly designed phone for elderly, Easyfone highlights distinct features such as the zero menu which can simply hide the menu features. The phone allows you to save 8 photo contacts to help the senior adults call their loved ones, quickly and effortlessly. The CareTouch app can block unwanted callers and allow only a few people remotely from anywhere in the world.

    • Grand

    The easy to use senior citizen mobile grand easyfone comes in a convenient large size for comfortable holding, the large button mobile phone with large font size on the screen enhances legibility while dialling numbers. The phone also features a backlit and talking keypad for greater accessibility, it allows the user to set prompt wellness updates and recurring reminders for medicines, doctor appointments and social engagements which can be configured remotely by the caregivers. The phone comes with a cradle charger for wire-free and effortless operations.

    • Royale

    The sleek and elegant royale mobile phone comes in a clamshell design. The easy to use phone makes communication convenient for the senior citizens as it comes with 20 unique features. The phone comes with talking and backlit keys, torch FM radio and a loud and clear sound quality, it is also hearing aid compatible and can be used to set medicine reminders and other SOS functions.

    • Udaan

    The dual sim 1.77” screen udaan mobile phone features more than 20 distinctive attributes in a robust construction, making it an ideal phone for elderly. The big keypad mobile phone comes with large separated keys and large fonts on the screen, the sizeable phone with talking and backlit keypad is exceptionally convenient to use. The phone features dedicated keys for torch, volume, camera and reminders and a long battery life of up to 5.5 hours to ensure that you are always connected to your beloved elders.

    • Elite

    To ensure an independent and safe living for your senior adults and help you always stay connected with them. The elite mobile phone lets you configure the phone from anywhere in the world so that you can set reminders, appointments and block unwanted callers for your beloved elders. The classy and distinctive phone comes in an elegant matt chrome trimming and back finish for easy gripping. The soft rubberised keys with large fonts ensure utmost convenience to the senior citizens.

    • Amico

    The unique dual sim easyfone acts as a cordless phone at home and an ideal mobile phone for old people. The phone comes with a cradle charger for easy and wireless operations and the long press button on the cradle helps the user locate the phone. The talking and backlit keypad enhances the user accessibility and the 8 Photo Speed Dial allows to connect easily in case of emergencies.

    • Marvel

    Made with sturdy construction, the dual sim 2.2" easyfone comes with over 20 senior friendly features. The phone ensures a loud and clear sound quality and is equipped with an easy to use dial keypad, dedicated SOS button and a long battery life to add convenience and independence in the lives of your senior adults.

Buy Senior Citizen Mobile Phone from Easyfone Online at Seniority

While looking for the best phone for senior citizens online there are certain features that hold great significance, which includes a large keypad, large font size, clear and loud sound output and easy accessibility. The range of mobile phones by Easyfone comes with all these significant features and several revolutionary attributes that makes it a perfect choice, because we at Seniority, understand the importance of staying connected with your beloved elders.


1. Which is the best mobile for senior citizens?

Some of the best mobile phones that are ideal and simple to use, feature a large display and have specialized features.

2. What is the cheapest cell phone for seniors?

Amico Senior Friendly Phone (Black) - Easyfone features a robust construction and is equipped with unique features to help senior adults stay connected, independent and safe.

Reasonably priced, buy this senior-friendly and affordable mobile phone from Seniority.

3. What is the simplest cell phone for seniors?

On Seniority, find some of the best cell phones for senior adults among a range of flip phones or handsets with large buttons and a backlit keypad.

4. What is the best flip phone for seniors?

There are a number of senior-friendly flip phones available in the market, which feature a good-sized keypad for ease of use, emit clear sounds and are budget-friendly.

Data last updated on 01/01/2023

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