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Dexter Smart Notebook is one-of-a-kind paper notebook with Erasable & Reusable pages. It comes with amazing features like CamScanner App Com...
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Dexter Smart Erasable and Reusable notebook is powered by CamScanner App with cloud sharing & storage features. It comes with completely erasable pages, the pages are made of proprietary technology that makes it completely erasable with water or eraser at the top of the pen. You can also erase the waterproof pages with wet tissue or cloth. The tear-resistant pages are made of a composite durable resin that promises durability.
It has CamScanner App Compatible Page Design that helps to identify the exact page borders and gives you perfect scans to eliminate the need for adjusting the borders of scans. It has the proprietary waterproof paper that helps you erase it with water after you’ve scanned your page on the App. Using this notebook, you can edit your scans, annotate, make notes, convert them to PDF or image file, mail them to yourself for future reference. It also allows you to upload your scanned pages to cloud services like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneNote. You can also invite your team to collaborate and work on your scans across the globe. You can also sync your scanned pages and it will be available on your devices. The notebook is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows phones, tablets, and desktop PCS.

  • Write, Scan & Erase with Water: You can erase your page easily with wet tissue or cloth and can erase minor errors on the page with the eraser provided at the top of the pen.
  • Tear Resistant and Waterproof Pages: The waterproof and tear-resistant pages are created using special patented smart paper technology. The pages look and feel like a normal paper but in reality, it is extremely smart.
  • Scan, Edit, Store & Share with CamScanner App: With Camscanner you can do better scanning and image recognition of your text and images. You can edit your scanned pages, store them on cloud or mobile & share them globally.
  • Reusable pages: These reusable pages allow you to use them multiple times. You can save money and environment both at the same time as Dexter Smart Notebook.
  • Productivity Focused Patented Page Design: 80-20 Pareto Scientific Principle-based page design that helps you to optimize your daily notes so that you can focus on goals that matter, manage your time better and get more things done on time, every day.


  • 100 water erasable & reusable pages
  • A5 size, water proof & tear-resistant pages
  • You can wipe the pages clean with a wet or moist cloth or using the plastic eraser on the rear end of any pilot frixion ink pen
  • 1 Dexter notebook is equal to 100 normal notebooks
  • The pages are 192gm thick, smooth & premium paper-like quality
  • Helps to improve productivity and time management through patent-protected page design an integrated pen holder ensures that you always have a pen along with your notebook
  • Works with any pilot frixion ink pen
  • Developed in partnership with CamScanner (world's most used scanning app with 350+ million users)
  • Allows you to scan, store and share your notes on google drive, dropbox, evernote, box, onenote, webdav, whatsapp & email

Product Specifications

Dimensions 19.5 x 15.5 x 2.29 cm
Manufacturer Cuirally Solutions Private Limited, Ambattur Industrial Estate- 600058
Country of Origin India
No of Contents 1 Pilot Frixion Ink Pen and 1 erasing cloth are provided along with the notebook
SKU SEN456-DS-Blue
Return Policy 3 Days Replacement in case of manufacturing defects
The product you return must be unused and in the original condition with all the tags and receipts
Brand Cuir Ally

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1. Is it environment friendly?

The papers are made without using clorine and acid making it environment & users safe.

2. Are these pages durable?

Yes, the pages are durable, water proof, stain resistant, tear resistant and retains its natural colour much longer than normal paper

3. Can I erase the content completely?

The smart pages are made of proprietary technology making it completely erasable with water or the eraser at the top of the pen.

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