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These quick lighting charcoal tablets by Omved can be used to burn resins herbs, incense sticks and heavy aromatic gums for ceremonies. The ...
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Made from 100 natural and non-toxic material, these charcoal tablets by Omved are a perfect to perform your puja, daily rituals and ceremonies with ease and maximum convenience. These tablets can be used to burn resins herbs, incense sticks and heavy aromatic gums for ceremonies. They have a unique bowl-like cavity design which holds the incense within to disperse it effectively. The charcoal stays hot enough to burn incense for a long time, it stays hot for about 45 minutes to an hour. These charcoal tablets will help purify your surroundings with an aromatic bliss.


  • Made from non-toxic material
  • 100 percent natural
  • Ideal for pujas & ceremonies
  • The charcoal stays hot for a long time
  • Can burn resins herbs, incense sticks & aromatic gums
  • Unique bowl shaped design

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Omved Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., Mahakali Caves Road, Mumbai- 400093
Country of Origin India
Brand Omved
Return Policy Non Returnable

How to use Organic Charcoal - Omved

  • Remove one tablet from the roll
  • Hold the edge of a charcoal tablet with tweezers while maintaining a firm grip
  • Hold the bottom edge of the charcoal tablet to light it
  • Allow the burning area to spread through the coal tablet before extinguishing the flame
  • Set the lighting charcoal tablet in a fireproof stone or container
  • Can also be placed on a layer of sand or ash, it helps to retain the heat
  • Wait for the entire tablet to glow before sprinkling incense in it
  • Place the dhoop, powders or resins on top of the charcoal tablet
  • Remember to close the roll after tablet is removed to preserve freshness

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