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Foam rollers are equipments specially designed to reduce inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress. It also improves circulation and flexib...
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Composite high-density rollers feature premium molded foam that provides both firmness and durability, allowing them to not lose their shape after repeated use. Foam roller is an efficient tool that helps you prepare your muscles for the workout ahead and also help with post muscle recovery. The roller breaks up scar tissue and improves mobility and flexibility. It reduces trigger point sensitivity and œknots in muscles. Foam rollers are used by people who perform regular workouts and also by people suffering from muscle injuries. he tool can optimise athletic performance, speed recovery and increase mobility. These foam cylinders are also perfect for positioning, balance, muscle posture re-education, spinal stabilization, and other strengthening and range of motion exercises. They are great to use for physical therapy, yoga, exercising, stretching, or resting.

  • Effectively reduceds inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress
  • Regularly rolling pre and post workout prepares your muscles for the workout ahead and also help with post muscle recovery
  • Improves mobility and flexibility
  • Removes lactic acid to aid recovery
  • Can be used as a workout tool
  • Used for pre-workout preparation enhances neuromuscular and movement efficiency
  • Used post-workout, aids tissue recovery and reduces muscle soreness
  • Provides optimal length-tension relationships in muscles
  • Helps correct muscle imbalances
  • Can be used restoratively to aid relaxation and reduce stress after long work hours or travel

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Color Black
Brand CanDo
Dimensions 36 inch

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