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Ayurvedic Supplements

Originating from India, Ayurveda is one of the oldest, traditional health care systems that has a holistic approach towards physical and mental health. It places emphasis on prevention and treatment of different types of illness through good lifestyle practices and use of herbal remedies.

Considered as a type of alternative medicine, ayurvedic health supplements are available in the form of powders, teas, tablets and capsules. Ayurvedic herbs can also be topically applied in the form of oils, creams and pastes.

Herbal ayurvedic health supplements are popularly used to induce better sleep, manage weight, decrease stress, maintain healthy skin, hair and joint health.

Buy Ayurvedic Supplements Online In India

Buy some of the best ayurvedic supplements online from Seniority’s complete range of Ayurveda products. From dietary supplements and overall wellness supplements to products for specific ailments, skin care and hair, buy from leading brands as per your requirements and preferences.

Browse through Seniority’s wide range of ayurvedic beauty and wellness products that include different types of tea, oils, creams, weight gainers, fat burners, protein powders and more.

Ayurvedic Energy Booster Powder & Capsules

Instead of reaching out to chocolate, caffeine or high sugar snacks, one can boost their energy with Ayurvedic power foods. Certain ayurvedic herbs can play a major role in fighting fatigue, thereby increasing energy levels.

Ayurvedic energy booster powder and capsules can provide essential nutrients to increase endurance, stamina and help strengthen the body’s response to stress. Herbs that can naturally boost your energy and relieve your stress include ashwagandha, moringa, ginger, brahmi, safed musli, triphala and more.

Available in both capsule and powder formulations, you can buy an ayurvedic energy booster online from Seniority to promote overall health and well-being.

Ayurvedic Multivitamin Tablets & Capsules

Multivitamins are a combination of various vitamins, which are all significant for the healthy functioning of the human body. Made up of a unique blend of different herbs, essential vitamins, and minerals, ayurvedic multivitamin tablets and capsules help boost the immune system.

Enriched with nutrition, ayurvedic multivitamin tablets are consumed to prevent or treat vitamin deficiencies caused due to various illnesses or a poor diet.

Vitamins are important building blocks of the body and are essential to maintain good health and a strong immune system. An ayurvedic multivitamin capsule can be consumed to ensure that the body receives the necessary energy to function healthily.

Ayurvedic Protein Supplements & Capsules

Protein is an essential macronutrient that promotes the building of strong bones, lean muscles and can even boost your metabolism. An ayurvedic protein supplement can help increase body strength, improve endurance, build muscle mass, and increase physical stamina naturally.

In combination with balanced eating and a fitness plan, consuming ayurvedic protein capsules can help meet your daily nutritional requirements.

Ayurvedic Products for Weight Gain

Ayurveda encourages a balanced approach to gaining weight by offering a number of effective strategies for building and nourishing the body.

Ayurvedic products for weight gain include chyavanprash, ashwagandha, shatavar powder, shatavari and more. Ayurvedic supplements for weight gain are derived from nature and do not mostly include harmful chemicals

One of the best ayurvedic weight gainer powder is Ashwagandha, as it strengthens and nourishes body tissues, improves digestion and boosts the immune system.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Powder & Capsules

Ayurveda offers a number of powerful herbs that can effectively help shed excess weight and promote healthy weight management. Paired with routine exercises and a diet that is a well-balanced source of nutrition, ayurvedic weight loss capsules can contribute to weight loss.

An ayurvedic weight loss powder or tablet can contain herbs like guggul, garcinia cambogia, triphala that help detoxify your body and stomach, contributing to weight loss.

One of the best ayurvedic weight gainer powder is Ashwagandha, as it strengthens and nourishes body tissues, improves digestion and boosts the immune system.

  • Ayurvedic Muscle Gainer

    Ayurvedic health supplements act slowly and naturally, that work towards improving overall health and body strength. An ayurvedic muscle gainer is an effective method that can help build muscle mass and improve endurance. Ayurvedic supplements and ingredients are natural substitutes that can help boost athletic performance and promote muscle growth.
  • Ayurvedic Iron Supplements

    Iron levels in the body can be maintained naturally by consuming ayurvedic iron supplements. These iron supplements are a balanced combination of iron, nutrients and minerals that can enhance the body’s ability to absorb iron.
  • Ayurvedic Vitamin Tablets

    A blend of essential vitamins, ayurvedic tablets can help support an active lifestyle and alertness.
  • Ayurvedic Calcium Supplement

    Ayurvedic Herbs help to replenish the calcium levels in the human body in a natural way and strengthen the immune system.
  • Ayurvedic Food Supplement

    These ayurvedic supplements are health-promoting food supplements that are rich in various nutrients for overall wellbeing.

Ayurvedic Supplements Brands Available at

Shop online for ayurveda, organic hair and skin products, wellness products and health supplements from top brands like Organic India, Natures Velvet, Kapiva Ayurveda and many more.

1. Apollo pharmacy

A part of Apollo Hospitals Apollo pharmacy is India's first and largest branded pharmacy network. Catering to an entire range of products in pharmacy and general healthcare products, they also offer a variety of ayurvedic medicines.

2. Crd Ayurveda

CRD Ayurveda offers a comprehensive range of clinically approved ayurvedic herbal formulations, and body care products.

3. Cureveda

Cureveda is an Indian brand that offers premium herbal, organic supplements for digestive issues, bone and joint care, arthritis, hair & skin health, sexual wellness, immunity, urinary & kidney healthy, liver health etc.

4. Deemark

Renowned for its ayurvedic herbal remedies, Dr Vaidya offers a wide range of FDA approved proprietary medicine. It encompasses a number of health care products for body and joint pain, dental care, hair and skin care, female and male wellness.

5. Dr Vaidya

CRD Ayurveda offers a comprehensive range of clinically approved ayurvedic herbal formulations, and body care products.

6. Kapiva Ayurveda

Kapiva Ayurveda offers a unique selection of herbal formulations and premium healthcare products comprising of juices, capsules and oils.

7. Mederma

Mederma is a skin care cream that can help improve the overall appearance, color and texture of scars.

8. Natures Velvet

A healthcare company, Natures Velvet offers a product line of quality health supplements from protein and lifecare products to ayurvedic and herbal products.

9. Onelife

OneLife is a product of Lasons India offers products spread across multiple categories including herbal remedies to address various health and lifestyle needs.


1. What is Ayurveda alternative medicine?

Ayurveda is a holistic wellness system of beliefs that originated in ancient India that can help with physical or mental ailments. Ayurveda has a wide range of uses from teas to herbal oils and skin or hair care to supplements.

2. Are ayurvedic supplements beneficial?

Research suggests that ayurvedic medicine or alternative medicine can be effective in reducing pain and help accelerate healing processes. However, it is imperative to use ayurvedic products that have been prescribed and supervised only by a trained practitioner.

3. Can I take ayurvedic supplements with other medicines?

Ayurveda can have positive effects when used as a complementary therapy in combination with standard, conventional medical care. Please consult an Ayurvedic physician and a healthcare professional to know what would suit you best.

4. How to buy ayurvedic supplements

Buy ayurvedic herbal medicines, herbal supplements, ayurvedic products online in India. Seniority offers a wide range of ayurvedic products for both health and personal care.

5. Should I use ayurvedic supplements

Please consult an Ayurvedic physician and a healthcare professional to know what would suit you best.

6. Which are best ayurvedic supplements

Some of the most popular ayurvedic supplements or herbs are ashwagandha, brahmi, triphala, arjuna, shativari and many more.

Data last updated on 04/11/2019


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