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What is Guduchi?

Guduchi, whose scientific name is Tinospora cordifolia is also known as Giloy, Gilo, Jetwatika, Moonseed, Amrita and Amrit. In Sanskrit, Giloy is understood as ‘Amrita', that translates to ‘the root of immortality', because of its ample healthful properties. Guduchi is native to India, and its roots, stems, and leaves are glorious to heal various diseases.

Guduchi is well- recognized in Ayurvedic literature. There are many properties of this healthful herb like Hepatoprotective, Cardioprotective, Medicament Immunomodulatory and Analgesic that confirms the ayurvedic read of Guduchi as a Rasayana (rejuvenator) and as an immunity booster. Buy Best Guduchi supplements only at Seniority!

Giloy is one of the most valued herbs in the Ayurveda. It supports in treating a wide range of ailments, everything from the common cold to skin problems. Various studies support Guduchi's role as an adaptogen, a potent herb that can boost the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety, and illness.

Benefits of Giloy Tablets:

There are numerous benefits of Guduchi Tablets. Some of them are listed below:

1. Boost Immunity: This herb activates the immune system of the body, boosting immunity and promoting vitality in a person.

Giloy is filled with antioxidants properties which fight free-radicals and keep your cells healthy and get rid of diseases. Guduchi may help in removing toxins, purifies blood, fights bacteria that cause diseases and fight against liver diseases and urinary tract infections.

2. Improves Digestion: Guduchi is renowned to work in the direction of building a stronger digestive system and immune body against hyperacidity, colitis, worm infestations, and loss of appetite, abdominal pain, excessive thirst, and vomiting. Giloy tablets are very useful in improving digestion and treating bowel related issues.

3. Treats Diabetes: Giloy Pills acts as a hypoglycaemic agent and may help in treating diabetes (particularly Type 2 diabetes)”. Guduchi capsules may help in lowering high levels of blood sugar.

4. Improves Eyesight: Giloy Capsules>> may help in enhancing the clarity of vision. To get the benefits of Giloy for your eyesight, boil Guduchi powder or Guduchi leaves in water. Once it cools down apply it on the eyelids.

5. Fights Respiratory Problems: Giloy tablets are widely known for its anti-inflammatory aids and may help in reducing respiratory problems like frequent cough, cold, tonsils. Giloy Capsules>> have been chosen conventionally to treat ailments such as bronchitis and chronic cough.

6. Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Giloy capsules can be used as an adaptogenic as well. The pills are known to reduce mental stress as well as anxiety. They help in getting rid of toxins, boosts the memory, calms you down and makes for an excellent health tonic if combined with other herbs. Guduchi has the power to enhance memory and cognitive functions.

7. Treats Arthritis: Giloy contains anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties that may help in treating arthritis and its several symptoms. For joint pain, the powder from the Giloy stem can be boiled with milk and consumed.

8. Boosts Liver Function: Giloy or Guduchi can detoxify the liver and help in proper functioning. It might also act as a remedy for fatty liver. One of the advantages of Guduchi is that it can help accelerate the regeneration of liver tissue that has been damaged.

9. Reduces Signs of Aging: Giloy tablets contain anti-ageing properties that may help in reducing wrinkles, fine lines dark spots and pimples. It gives you that flawless, glowing skin.

10. Promotes Sexual Health: Giloy pills are well known in Ayurveda for its aphrodisiac benefits. The pills can successfully tackle various sexual health issues such as impotence and involuntary ejaculation.

Uses of Giloy Tablets

Guduchi has been used in India since the beginning and it has tons of uses:

    1. Preventing common cold and flu: Giloy tablets have immunity-boosting properties, which may help in keeping diseases at bay.

    2. Guduchi>> acts as a detoxifier and may help in improving complexion and lustre of the skin. It is known that people suffering from skin ailments often apply the Guduchi plant oil on the affected areas. You can select the best Giloy Supplement online only at Seniority

    3. Alleviate allergies and symptoms of hay fever: Guduchi pills may help in minimising the effects of allergies and keeping symptoms of hay fever at bay.

    4. Treats Arthritis: Giloy Capsules >> contain anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties that may help in treating arthritis and its several symptoms.

How to use Giloy

As Giloy is an ayurvedic herb, it is highly recommended that you consume Guduchi (Giloy) after consulting an ayurvedic medicine specialist. Guduchi is available in Guduchi Tablets, Guduchi Capsules and Guduchi Powdered form. The normal dosage is a teaspoon at a time, taken twice a day. However, the dosage may vary depending on the type of health problem. Seniority has varieties of Giloy Tablets Online, choose the best for you.

1. Seniority Guduchi Tablets: Guduchi pure extract capsules by Seniority are 100% vegetarian herbal supplements. They are known to help in regulating blood sugar levels.

2. Himalaya Guduchi Tablets: These pure Guduchi tablets from the house of Himalaya may help in boosting immunity and are best for overall wellness.

3. Add Veda Giloy Capsules: Now boost the immunity and detoxify your body with these capsules, which are 100% vegetarian and natural.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What is Guduchi?

Guduchi>> is a well-known Ayurvedic herb which is found mainly in tropical regions of the Indian subcontinent and even in Myanmar and Sri-lanka. It is valued in Ayurveda for its detoxifying, rejuvenating, and immune-boosting properties.

2) What is Guduchi called in Hindi?

Though Guduchi has various names, it is known as Giloy, Amrit, Bhartiya Tinospora in Hindi.

3) What does Guduchi mean in Ayurveda?

JOriginally, Guduchi is a Sanskrit word which means, 'something which protects the body from diseases'. Another name for this herb is 'Amrita', which refers to 'the heavenly elixir' according to Hindu mythology. It is a famous Ayurvedic herb, extensively used in the treatment for fever, diabetes, urinary tract disorders, anaemia, jaundice, asthma, cardiac disorders etc.

4) How to take Guduchi?

The best way to consume is to use a powder made from the stem of the Guduchi herb. The powder can be mixed in water and honey. You can consume this powder in the form of Pills and Capsules available at Seniority! However, one should always take medical supervision before starting the dose.

5) How to use Guduchi?

You can take some Guduchi stem and boil them in a glass of water until the water is reduced to half of its quantity. Strain the water and consume it daily. This will help purify your blood and remove toxins.

6) Can someone grow Guduchi?

Yes. It is an easy herb to grow at home in your gardens. It looks like a money plant when it comes to growing it. One can grow Guduchi with support from a bigger plant or tree where it can easily climb. It is as easy as to grow vine and develop quickly. There are chances that 2-3 stems may germinate within 10 days. The growth is very fast post-germination However, it can vary from place to place and it also depends on the amount of sunlight it is getting. Buy the best Giloy tablets online at Seniority!

7) How to use Guduchi in diabetes?

Guduchi is one of the most revered Ayurvedic herbs in India. Its potent medicinal properties make it a remarkable herb for diabetes. Giloy has properties known to burn extra glucose, making it easier for the body to moderate blood sugar. It is also said to act as a hypoglycemic agent that helps the body in lowering glucose levels in the system.

8) How to use Guduchi Powder?

Though Guduchi is available in various forms, it is usually available in powdered form. The standard dose for immune enhancement tends to be one teaspoon taken twice daily in water. Though it is worth checking in with your health practitioner as to exact doses, anything from ¼ to 1 whole teaspoon tends to be more than sufficient for any ailment.

You can also combine Guduchi with other herbs (such as Shatavari or Ashwagandha) and can be used as a general tonic or detoxifier.

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