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Forefoot cushion sleeves with moulded gel pads which function as a cushion to absorb excess pressure over the metatarsal area and soothes pa...
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Metatarsalgia is a common overuse injury. It includes pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot and is more prevalent in people who carry on high-impact activities. It can also be caused due to sports injuries. The condition may be the result of an alteration in normal biomechanics that cause abnormal weight distribution. Persistent stress can lead to chronic irritation and inflammation of the bone covering and adjacent tissues, like ligaments and tendons. The symptoms of this condition are sharp, aching pain in the ball of your foot which worsens when you stand, run, flex your feet or walk, especially on a hard surface. The forefoot cushion sleeve has moulded gel pads and the sleeves function as a cushion helpful in absorbing pressure on the foot. It soothes pain which is caused by friction while carrying out daily routine. The stabiliser helps to relieve the burning sensation under the ball of the foot and helps to neutralise odour and prevents growth of bacteria in the area.

  • Has moulded gel pads
  • Soothes pain caused by friction
  • Helps in absorbing pressure on the foot
  • Stabiliser helps in relieving the burning sensation
  • Prevents growth of bacteria in the area

Product Specifications

Return Policy 15 Days
SKU SEN234-LP-351
Brand LP Support
Warranty 5 Years Manufacturing Warranty
Dimensions 5.11 x 3.14 x 1.37 cm
Product Weight 80 gm

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