Gandhi- A Spiritual Journey - M. V. Kamath

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Gandhi underwent a deep inner conflict that drew him to the study of comparative religions. His experiments with spiritual ideas, derived fr...
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Gandhi - A Spiritual Journey explores the search for truth and the spiritual transformation of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.Influenced by Western thought in his youth,Gandhi underwent a deep inner conflict that drew him to the study of comparative religions.His experiments with spiritual ideas,deprived from a living faith in God,led him to propogate the principles of ahimsa and satyagraha.Gandhi was as much in politics as he was in search of God and the desire for God-realisation was the mainspring of all his actions,both political and social. Could Gandhi have internalised his quest for God and still remained a leader of the masses?What is Gandhi's spiritul legacythat continues to inspire so many leaders across cultures?Can Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence address the ills of today's strife torn world?This book examines Gandhi's spiritual ideology and traces his life-long journey in quest of truth that led him to conclude that Truth is God.

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M V Kamath, a reputed writer, journalist and columnist has explored the spiritual aspect of Mahatma Gandhi in his book, Gandhi: A Spiritual Journey. M V Kamath starts the enriching journey of this book with Gandhi’s childhood and the time he spent inn South Africa. He also brings out the universal aspect of Gandhi’s spiritual legacy. M V Kamath also explores the effectiveness of Gandhi’s method of Satyagraha in the contemporary times.

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