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What is a blood pressure monitor?

A device used to measure blood pressure levels, a blood pressure monitor is also referred to as a sphygmomanometer, blood pressure checker or a blood pressure gauge.

A blood pressure machine is equipped with a small gauge attached to an inflatable cuff. This cuff is ideally wrapped around an upper arm and some cuffs go around the forearm or wrist.

High and untreated blood pressure can increase the strain on the heart and its arteries, which can lead to a heart attack, stroke or heart failure. If your blood pressure drops, it can lead to a sudden feeling of light headedness and could be a sign of heart failure.

Accurate blood pressure measurement is therefore essential for a medical diagnosis to prevent and treat a number of blood-pressure related diseases.

Thus, a blood pressure checker or BP machine can prove to be useful especially when you may want to measure your blood pressure in the comfort of your home.

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With the help of a handy blood pressure checker or a BP check machine, you can conveniently have your blood pressure tested at home instead of having to visit a doctor constantly.

Widely available, you can buy a blood pressure monitor online to help keep tabs on your levels at all times. A BP measuring device can help you and your doctor diagnose high or low pressure earlier, allowing you to take responsibility for your health.

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What does blood pressure tell you?

A blood pressure reading is expressed as a measurement with two numbers. The first or top number is called the systolic number. The second or bottom number is known as the diastolic blood pressure.

When the heart beats, it pushes blood through arteries to the rest of the body and this force creates a pressure on the inside walls of your vessels. This is called systolic pressure. It results in high blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension. The bottom, or diastolic, number indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your blood vessels while the heart is resting between beats.

Both numbers are significant in determining the state of your heart health and therefore, understanding the results of a reading is key to controlling both high and low blood pressure.

Blood pressure is under control when the top number (systolic pressure) is between 90 and less than 120, whereas the bottom number (diastolic pressure) should be between 60 and less than 80.

Blood Pressure Ranges

The abbreviation mm Hg refers to the millimeters of mercury. It is used as the standard unit of measurement for pressure.


Less than 120/80 mmHg


A reading higher than 120/80 mmHg is out of the normal range.

Hypertension Stage 1

If your systolic blood pressure reaches between 130 and 139-mmHg, or if your diastolic blood pressure reaches between 80 and 89-mm Hg.

Hypertension Stage 2

If your systolic blood pressure reading shows a number of 140 or more, or if your diastolic number pressure is of 90 or more.

Hypertensive crisis

A blood pressure reading above 180/120 mmHg indicates a serious health problem.

Types of BP monitors

Two basic types of monitors that are equipped with an arm cuff are

Aneroid monitor

The aneroid monitor manually checks your blood pressure levels. Equipped with a mercury or mechanical manometer, the examiner can read your blood pressure by looking at the pointer on the dial. It consists of an inflatable cuff that gets wrapped around your upper arm to restrict blood flow.

Aneroid monitors are often not as expensive as digital monitors. The unit also features a stethoscope so the examiner can listen to your heartbeat clearly. This type of a BP measuring device is portable and can be carried easily from one place to another.

Digital blood pressure monitor

A digital BP monitor works on the oscillometer principle, that is equipped with an automated cuff to measure your blood pressure and pulse rate without fuss.

Users need not pre-set the inflation level before measurement, as an automatic BP machine determines the ideal cuff pressure based on one's systolic blood pressure and arm size.

However, in a semi-automatic blood pressure monitor, inflation of the cuff has to be carried out manually, whereas it beings to deflate automatically. Your reading then appears on a LED screen, which is easy to read. Certain units feature a paper printout option to give you a copy of the reading.

To know more & make an informed decision, click here BP Monitor Buying Guide

Benefits of using a Digital BP Monitor

The advantages of using a digital blood pressure monitor simply lies in its easy mode of operation. When initiated just at a touch of a button, an automatic BP machine automatically inflates and deflates the cuff.

A digital BP unit is the best blood pressure checker machine to use at home, particularly if you wish to take blood pressure readings yourself. This monitor is also an excellent choice for individuals with poor vision and for those that have difficulty in hearing.

With the use of advanced technology, a BP check machine may allow you to store data or your readings in the monitor’s memory. One can also take out printouts if needed to maintain your health records.

With the help of this device, an individual suffering from hypertension or prehypertension can constantly keep a tab on their blood pressure levels to keep things under control.

How to use a BP machine?

To measure your blood pressure at home, you can either use a digital monitor or an aneroid (manual) monitor.

Before you take your blood pressure reading ensure to

1. Follow the directions that come with the device to make sure you are using it correctly.

2. Do not measure your blood pressure immediately as you wake up.

3. Avoid caffeine, exercise and cigarettes for a minimum of 30 minutes before the test.

4. Wear a t-shirt with short sleeves so that you can measure your blood pressure without any difficulty.

5.Ensure to measure the same arm for blood pressure readings, as a reading on one arm will slightly defer from the other arm.

6. Make sure that the cuff wrapped around your arm is placed at the same level as your heart.

How to check blood pressure using a blood pressure machine?

1. Follow the directions that come with the device (manual or digital) to make sure you are using it correctly.

2. Ensure that you are calm and comfortable, as stress may temporarily raise your blood pressure levels.

3. Sit upright and keep your arm steady.

4. Try to measure your blood pressure, without moving or talking as it can affect your results.

5. The cuff will inflate rapidly, leaving you temporarily uncomfortable.

6. Incase of an automatic monitor, the cuff will inflate and deflate automatically at a touch of a button. With a manual monitor, the examiner slowly releases the pressure in the cuff.

7. Take two or three readings to make sure your results are accurate, with a few minutes apart.

8. Ensure to keep a record of your blood pressure measurements. These records are essential for you and your doctor to understand how your blood pressure changes throughout the day.

Which is the best blood pressure machine?

In order to buy a BP monitor online, it is important to understand which suits your needs the best. You can weigh the following features when you select a monitor.

Features to consider :–

1. Cuff size

A poorly fit cuff will not give you accurate blood pressure measurements. Consult your doctor or nurse for the right cuff size you need, based on the size of your arm.

A poorly fit cuff will not give you accurate blood pressure measurements. Consult your doctor or nurse for the right cuff size you need, based on the size of your arm.

2. Display

The numbers on the display of the BP measuring device should be clear and easy to read.

3. Cost

A blood pressure machine price may vary based on their features.

4. Sound

One must be able to hear their heartbeat clearly through the stethoscope.

Consult your doctor before buying a blood pressure checker to ensure it is clinically validated for accurate and reliable readings.

Once in a few months, take your BP monitor to the doctor’s clinic and compare the reading on your monitor with those taken by your doctor to ensure the machine works properly.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor Online in India

Some of the best blood pressure monitor brands in India for 2019 are as follows –

Some of the best blood pressure monitor brands in India for 2019 are as follows –

1.Omron BP machine

– Omron develops and manufactures medical equipment’s for home and professional use, to help people live a healthier life. An Omron blood pressure monitor is portable and easy to operate. Their monitors are most commonly recommended by doctors for they deliver precise measurements.

2. Rossmax BP monitor

A Taiwan based company, Rossmax is focused on the research, development, manufacturing and retailing of medical devices like blood pressure monitors. Their range of automatic devices are equipped with an advanced real fuzzy technology that eliminates the need of setting an inflation level before use.

3. Dr Morepen BP monitor

Dr Morepen presents a Home Health portfolio of products that include automatic digital blood pressure monitors, digital and analog weighing scales and much. Their digital blood pressure monitor is available in different models, each having a unique feature.

4. Beurer BP monitor

Beurer monitors provide precise monitoring of blood pressure and heart rhythm. Equipped with unique features like Bluetooth, you can transfer measurements to your smartphone. The monitors can also be connected to their app and exclusive software.

5. Hicks BP monitor

Beurer monitors provide precise monitoring of blood pressure and heart rhythm. Equipped with unique features like Bluetooth, you can transfer measurements to your smartphone. The monitors can also be connected to their app and exclusive software.

6. Apollo pharmacy BP monitor

A part of Asia’s largest healthcare group Apollo Hospitals – Apollo Pharmacy has a number of healthcare products.

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To keep track of your blood pressure and aid you in effective health management, it is necessary to have a blood pressure machine within your arms reach.

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