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With the growing consumption of fast food that lacks nutrition, lack of movement due to motorized vehicles, or due to underlying health issues, keeping your health in check has become of utmost importance. A weighing scale is a device that can be used to track weight loss in case of overweight individuals and weight gain in case of underweight individuals. It helps you keep track of your health milestones and is a great way to understand patterns that can affect your health negatively.

Difficulty in managing weight has become a lifestyle-oriented problem in most cases, owing to the irregular sleeping habits, lack of physical exercise, unhealthy dietary habits and much more. Having a weighing scale at home can make it much easier for you to take control of your health. Seniority has brought together a variety of weighing scales suitable for your health needs. We not only have personal weighing scales but also those that can be used to weigh objects.

    • Lite Digital Weighing Scale (PSE201) – Newnik

    • Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale

    • A08 Weighing Scale


    • Weighing scales can help you track your weight and take control of your health

    • They record real progress when you eat healthy and exercise

    • Help you reach your health and fitness goals, be it weight gain or loss

    • Can help in preventing future diseases once you change your lifestyle

    • Some scales can also record data of more than one individual

    • Motivate you to change your lifestyle


Personal weighing scales are available in two types:


• BodyShape - Diagnostic Scale – Beurer

The device BodyShape by Beurer has activity, workout, healthy diet and lifestyle tips combined in one app. The Beurer BodyShape app meets these needs and gives lifestyle and health-conscious customers clear weight and activity tracking through connection with the new BF 710 BodyShape diagnostic scale. The data can be transferred easily to the BodyShape app via Bluetooth.Emma - the user's personal buddy on the journey to their ideal weight - provides support and motivation, gives tips on diet and lifestyle and runs through a fun workout program with the user. There are several areas to choose from here: full body training, upper body training (arms, shoulders, chest, upper back), stomach, legs, bottom, as well as core training for the pelvic floor and lower back each in the two difficulty levels of beginner or advanced. The app helps the user shed pounds through fine adjustment of the three elements of activity, workout and a balanced diet. So, get in great shape and reach your ideal weight with the Beurer BodyShape!

• Round Manual Weighing Scale with Handle (Red) - EC3024 – EasyCare

Keep a track of your body weight regularly with EasyCare Weighing Scale. This versatile mechanical weighing scale has a large font & clear numbering that allow easy reading. It has a white background which shows the readings clearly. It features a stainless-steel body with unbreakable lens and is made under stringent quality norms. The skid-proof design of the weighing scale ensures a sturdy grip on the surface. The weighing scale is also durable and can give you long-term reliable performance. It comes with a carry handle to ensure easy portability. The device is perfect for all and can be used at home, offices, hospitals, etc.

• HN-289 Digital Weighing Scale (Blue) – Omron

Omron HN-286 digital weight scale comes with a high-grade tempered glass panel and is a must-have personal digital weighing machine. It comes with a sleek silver coated safety glass that goes well with the interiors of your home. The weighing scale's measurement is very precise, it comes with a sleek ultra-thin design and an anti-slip body, the precision display comes with automatic on/off. It is professionally designed and brings balance to your daily life and diet with the invaluable assistance of knowing your fitness progress.

• PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale – MCP

MCP digital weighing scale features auto on and off technology. The users don't have to tap the scale to turn it on. They just need to step on the scale, and its auto-on feature turns the scale on and gives accurate readings, helping them track the weight progress. Its high-quality ABS platform makes it strong enough to bear weight up to 150 kg. It also comes with a low battery indicator which indicates when the battery needs to be changed. It comes with 2AAA batteries and has an LCD of size 73.5 x 29.5 mm that helps the user see the readings clearly.

• Tempered Glass Premium Digital Weighing Scale SF180B – PAXMAX

PAXMAX presents Premium Digital Weighing Scale, a user-friendly and accurate device to check your weight. This electronic scale is designed for accuracy and precision and its high durability makes it a great option. It has an instant step-on technology which allows the device to conveniently capture the weight right when you step on it, no tapping required. The appliance automatically shuts down when not in use and has a battery indicator as well, which helps save power. It can withstand a maximum weight of 180 kg and comes with an overload indicator for the same. It has a 6 mm toughened glass for durability and displays temperature as well. The backlit LED display shows results in a big font to make reading them easier.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where to buy weighing scales?

There are a lot of online and offline marketplaces where you can buy weighing scales. We, at Seniority have curated a range of digital and analogue weighing scales based on their functionality and user-friendliness. You can check them out here. Weighing Scales

2. What are the benefits of using weighing scales?

Weighing scales can help you keep track of your weight, allowing you to take control of your health. They are also a great way to motivate you to change your lifestyle.

3. Do weighing scales help in keeping track of weight?

Yes. Checking your weight at regular intervals and keeping a note can be a great way to keep track of your weight.

4. Do weighing scales help in weight loss?

Weighing scales do not help in weight loss but can serve as a great motivation and a way to keep track of your weight as you work to increase or decrease it.

5. Do weighing scales measure body fat?

Yes. There are a few weighing scales that can measure body fat along with weight. For example, one weighing scale that measures body fat and other factors such as body water, muscle percentage, bone mass, AMR/BMR calorie display is BodyShape - Diagnostic Scale – Beurer.

6. What are the best brands of weighing scales?

There are a lot of weighing scales that come with amazing features. You can find them all in one place at Weighing Scales

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