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Made of gel with a soft gel padding, these straighteners can be placed between the toes which helps in correcting bunions. It provides space...
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A bunion is formed when the big toe pushes against the next toe. It can be caused by tight shoes, foot stress and arthritis and its main symptoms are bone deformity, pain and stiffness. Bunions can also be hereditary and can be made worse by shoes that are tight, fit poorly or are too small. The symptoms include physical discomfort and pain, a burning sensation, redness and swelling, numbness and difficulty in walking. These hallux care straighteners are made from gel and have a soft gel padding which makes it comfortable to use. It can be placed between the toes so that it corrects bunions and provides space between overlapping toes for their correction. The straightener is long lasting and is used to alleviate the symptoms related to this.

  • Made from and have a gel padding
  • Helps correct bunions
  • Provides space between toes in case of overlapping
  • Alleviates symptoms of bunions

Product Specifications

Return Policy 15 Days
SKU SEN234-LP-327
Brand LP Support
Warranty 5 Years Manufacturing Warranty
Dimensions 3.93 x 3.14 x 0.59 cm
Product Weight 25 gm

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