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The compression garment is specially designed to provide protection, support and compression from a number of knee conditions. This applianc...
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The hinged knee stabilizer provides protection and support to ligaments, it prevents patella displacement and is specially designed to be highly supportive but unrestrictive and ideal for return to sports activities. The knee stabilizer consists of an elastic sleeve with medial and lateral steel or aluminium bars hinged at the axis of the knee joint. The hinged bars are stabilized with leather or self-adhesive (velcro) straps.

  • Comes with adjustable compression straps
  • The covered hinges enhance protection from lateral impacts and bilateral stays for unstable ligament support
  • Ideal for return to sports activities
  • The breathable, form-fitting mesh material promotes airflow during sports activities
  • The brace is extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Knee brace features an oval-shaped donut which can be trimmed for patella misalignment correction
  • The knee cap cushioning provides stability and protection
  • Cinch straps provide adjustable support
  • Durable neoprene-blend material provides soothing warmth

Product Specifications

Brand OPPO Medical
SKU 1031
Material Neoprene
Color Beige
Return Policy 15 Days

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