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Hip pain can be a debilitating condition. osteoarthritis and necrosis are two bone diseases that affect strength and mobility in your hips. ...
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Vissco Hip Extension Abduction Brace Pc 0811 Universal can be applied in less than 3 minutes saving valuable time in the operating room. Easily formable aluminium shells covered with a double-thick ultra-breathable polyurethane foam padding with a comfortable loop pile surface. Three simple straps hold it securely affixed to the patient's hip and leg. Vissco Hip Extension Abduction Brace 0811's purpose is to provide support and stabilization to your hip joint by limiting motion of your leg in relation to your body. The hip stabilizer brace limits you from bending your leg forward, backward and across your body. A hip abduction orthosis brace is typically used following a revision of a hip replacement or after a hip dislocation. It is used to help prevent excessive flexion or extension (forward and backward movement) of the hip and to limit abduction (it keeps the legs from moving together). The hip stabilizer belt holds the femur (thigh) in the hip socket, allowing proper healing to take place. The brace should be worn 24 hours a day unless otherwise instructed.
Hip Extension Abduction Brace has a universal pelvic band which is adjustable for hip development and pelvic circumference with quick release buckle closure. The universal thigh cuff is adjustable to thigh proximal and distal measurements. The breathable liner is washable and absorbs perspiration while reducing heat buildup. The hip joint has infinite abduction/adduction and flexion/extension settings.

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Vissco is one of India’s leading and oldest manufacturers of orthopedic and mobility aids. Vissco has an extensive range of orthopedic and rehabilitation products — from small sprains to chronic conditions. Their rehabilitation products offer superior pain relief, that help you recover from injuries in no time. Using contemporary designs and superior quality material, Vissco products live up to international standards to offer greater support.
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