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Dr. Vaidya Home Health Pack is all you need to treat daily symptoms and pain. It comprises of seven different ayurvedic medicines that help ...
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Dr. Vaidya Home Health Pack includes Herbofit, Herbodanty, Huff N Kuff Syrup, Huff N Kuff Lozenges, Kabaj Churna, Herbokold and Rumox Balm. A complete pack to help treat cough, cold, constipation and to keep your fresh and energized. All units are made using quality herbs and free from harmful chemicals. Huff N Kuff Lozenges are formulated with the 8 effective ayurvedic herbs it helps to get quick relief from Cough and Throat Irritation. With its natural healing properties, it prevents progression of a sore throat, suppresses cough and soothes irritated throat linings. It is effective for cough which is associated with chest pain, sweating, difficulty in breathing, swelling of legs, high fever, difficulty in breathing and/or swelling of face and lips. It also offers relief from a chronic cough and allows you to breathe freely.

Rumox Ayurvedic Pain Balm is formulated using 6 special herbs that help provide relief from body pain and offers soothing comfort. It holds analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect to offers quick pain relief along with calming impact. It helps in treating swelling, sprains and muscular pain and helpful in arthritis pain. Effectively helps in the soothing neck, back, joint pain and help reduce inflammation and irritation. Also effective for affliction from clog and cerebral pain. Kabaj Churna is an amazing solution to keep stomach healthy and safe. A perfect blend of ayurvedic herbs & herbal ingredients that provide relief from habitual or periodic constipation. It helps loosen the stools and increase the bowel movements.

It also removes gas from the body, gives relief from constipation and improves digestion. Herbofit capsules provide all the essential nutrition to the body and boost immunity level. The capsules are formulated using 21 active ingredients and are free from harmful preservatives and chemicals. The capsules are made to support the modern lifestyle, it effectively helps in regenerating tissues, builds up immunity, tones up muscles, improves digestion, boosts energy and prevents aging symptoms. It improves the human bodys performance and prevents illnesses and other diseases.

Herbokold Powder is formulated using 6 effective herbs that helps provide instant relief from cough and cold. It acts as a lung toner and is very helpful in fighting allergies that emerges with chronic cold. It produces a decongestive effect in the upper respiratory tract by toning the respiratory system and helps sooth respiratory system and ensures smooth breathing. For effective result, it can be used with honey and it is also suggested to use it with Dr. Vaidyas HuffNKuff Cough Syrup for ensured relief.

Herbodanty Tooth Powder effectively helps in strengthening teeth & gums. It is formulated by combining the healing properties of 10 herbs to support, strengthen tooth & gums. It comes with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to cure teeth infection & pain. It helps provide the polished white appearance to teeth and nourishes the gums. It also helps remove food particles from the cavities, thereby preventing dental caries. It effectively prevents tartar formation, reduces deposition of plaque & enhances the immune response for overall oral health. It is also known to offer relief from a toothache and gum inflammation, along with relieving mouth ulcers and preventing bad breath. Suitable for all age groups.

Huff N Kuff Cough Syrup is formulated with the 5 effective ayurvedic herbs it helps to get quick relief from Cough and Throat Irritation. It helps control the cough and with antiseptic effects, it liquifies the mucus. A must-have ayurvedic solution to treat cough and throat irritation.

  • Made from active natural ingredients
  • Helps treat Cough, Cold, Constipation
  • Keeps you energized & fresh
  • Free from harmful chemical
  • All products are GMP certified

Product Specifications

SKU SEN071-New-DV50
No of Contents HERBOfit (30 capsules), Herbodanty (50g), Herbokof Syrup (100ml), Khasi Go (50 pills), Kabaj Churna (50g), HerboKold (50g), Rumox (50g)
Product Weight 500 gm
Return Policy Non Returnable
Brand Dr Vaidya

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