Indian Democracy - S. K. Kulkarni

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It has been observed and proven that India had a well-developed system of governance in place right from the Indo-Aryan times and even the M...
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Indian Democracy by S.K. Kulkarni is a book that tries to examine the current state of India’s democracy. Abraham Lincoln once defined democracy as "The Government of the people, by the people, for the people." Jawaharlal Nehru, a great democrat, wrote about the evolution of the Indian civilisation. He said, "The central idea of old Indian or Indo-Aryan culture was that of dharma which was something more than religion or creed. It was a conception of obligations to discharge of one's duties to oneself and to others." This, in a way, defines the current democratic spirit of India. The book shows how Indian democracy has survived since independence despite various dilemmas and pressures. It talks about how there was never an instance where one-sixth of humans existed as a single free nation. It examines the state of India's democracy while keeping in mind the vision of its founding fathers, its Constitution, and its political history.

About the Author: S.K. Kulkarni is known to be a prolific writer. Having written columns for two Mumbai newspapers, the Daily and Free Press Journal and for a monthly magazine, One India One People, his writings often cover a wide range of topics such as political, social and foreign relations.


  • Studies the current state of Indian democracy
  • Examines how Indian democracy has evolved from ancient times of governance
  • Talks about the type of governance adopted by ancient Indian civilizations
  • Offers insight into the very concept of independence and democracy
  • Ideal for youngsters and adults as well

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