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Lawn Mower

A lawn can be defined as a stretch of open grass covered land, that regularly needs to be trimmed or mowed to ensure the grass height is kept short, neat and tidy.

Maintaining a healthy lush lawn is hard work, which needs regular mowing and care. It is essential to regularly fertilize, water and cut the grass for a healthy and green lawn. So, investing in lawn care equipment like a quality lawn mower will enable you to cut grass in your yard with more accuracy and less time.

A lawn mower is a machine which has one or more rotating blades that can cut or trim a soil covered landscape planted with grass. All lawn mower machines are equipped with wheels and rotating blades, which can be either pushed manually as you gain momentum or are powered by a battery, electricity or gas.

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You can buy a lawn mower online from Seniority that offers a variety of types and brands to make sure you pick the right machine for your lawn. Also known as a grass mower, there are several types of mowers available each suited for a particular lawn size and terrain.

To maintain your lawn, buy the right lawn mower machine, tackle the grass and enjoy the summer sunshine.

Unlike many other hobbies, gardening does not require a lot of monetary spending. You just need the sun, good soil, some seeds and water. But, it can be a grueling activity, which is why there are many tools available that can make this task easier. If you are new to gardening, the number of tools available in the market can be overwhelming as one might not know the purpose of each tool. Therefore, Seniority has curated the necessities for gardening, all in one place.

Types of Lawn Mower

A regular lawn routine includes mowing your grass to ensure it grows at an appropriate height.

To help you better select a lawn mower that is best suited for your yard, let us understand the several types of lawn mowers available -

    • Self-propelled lawn mower –

    It works on a drive system with easy to use controls and a transmission that powers the drive wheels to create a momentum. They are available in 2 types – rear and an all-wheel drive, where you can simply walk behind the mower to steer it in the right direction.

    • Manual Lawn Mower –

    Unlike a self-propelled lawn mower, these machines require a manual push and do not have an engine to create momentum and move the machine forward.

    • Electric Mower –

    An electric lawn mower is available in two types – cord and cordless. Electric mowers that have a cord, derive power from an electric outlet. Whereas, a cordless mower comes equipped with a rechargeable battery.

    • Gas lawn mower –

    One of the most popular types of lawn mowers, these often require a manual pull to start the machine. It is equipped with a tank that has to be regularly filled with gasoline.

    • Battery operated mower -

    These mowers are powered by rechargeable batteries, which need to be charged prior to use. They are lightweight and produce less noise.

    • Push lawn mower -

    Also known as a push reel lawn mower, these can be simply pushed across the lawn manually for a precise and clean cut. Considered as an environment friendly option, it snips the grass like a scissor and is equipped with blades that rotate vertically from north to south.

    • Rotary lawn Mowers –

    Commonly referred to as a drum mower, these machines work by cutting the grass from above using a rotating sharp blade. Usually powered by petrol or electric engines, the blades revolve at a high speed on a horizontal plane to create a defined and low cut.

    • Cylinder lawn mowers –

    These types of machines are equipped with cylindrical blades that spin vertically at the front of the mower. It cuts the grass precisely and very short without deteriorating the quality of the cut. They are either propelled manually or electrically.

    • Hover Mowers –

    A hover mower operates by creating a cushion of air between the machine and the lawn. It pushes the air downwards causing the mower to rise above the ground and float, making it lightweight and easy to maneuver.

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Sculpt the perfect lawn and tackle those unwanted weeds with a range of premium lawn mowers online.

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Falcon Lawn Mower

Falcon is a leading manufacturer of garden tools and equipment that makes use of advanced technology and superior quality materials. Their selection of tools is exported or are manufactured for major field operations like horticulture, gardening and forestry.

Falcon offers a distinguished assortment of both manual and electric lawn mowers that will help you keep your lawn in shape. Their range of lightweight manual lawn mower s are compact, easy to store and can help you trim grass in an effortless manner. Falcon also offers different types of electric rotary lawn mowers equipped with sharp cutting blades that cuts grass smoothly and evenly.

Max Green Lawn Mower

Max Green by Ambica Engineering Industries brings to you a wide range of lawn mowers and gardening tools to make seeding, fertilizing, trimming and more a whole lot easier.

The different types of max green lawn mower include cylinder mowers, rotary motors, electrical and petrol motors.

From electrical to manual lawn mowers, find everything you need to tidy up your outdoor space and make it more attractive.

Find the equipment that’s best for your landscapes and shop from Max Green’s range of lawn mowers on Seniority.

Data last updated on 01/01/2023

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