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Storing and drinking water from a copper vessel might seem like a new concept but it is one of the oldest ways of storing water. It is known in the Ayurveda for its exceptional health benefits and properties. Ayurveda states that drinking the water stored in a copper made vessel can help in balancing the three doshas, (i.e Vata - Air & Ether, Pitta - Fire & Water and Kapha - Water & Earth) which promotes heathy life. It was understood ages ago that the body can’t produce copper on its own, it is thus acquired from external dietary sources, copper water bottle being one the many sources.

Why use a copper water bottle?

You see the elders in your family telling you number of tricks and treats to lead a healthy life, incorporating copper vessels in your lifestyle is definitely one of them. As copper is an essential mineral, which is required by almost all the organs and tissues in our body, it is necessary to have a balanced count. Copper has antimicrobial, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties which gives it the ability to counteract the toxins in the body.

When you store water in a copper water bottle, minuscule copper ions are released into the water. It is necessary that the water is stored in the copper water bottle for at least a few hours to make the stored water copper rich.

Buy Copper Water Bottle Online in India

There are several brands offering a variety of copper water bottles to choose from. They are available in various shapes, capacity and designs to suit everybody’s need.

Best Quality Copper Water Bottle at Seniority

Seniority offers you the chance to choose from a range of best copper water bottles made from pure and quality copper. Its wide collection consists of copper water bottles by various brands and even Seniority’s own Copper Bottle

What is Copper?

Copper, found mostly in ores, must be smelted or extracted from its ore before it can be used for purity. Humans have been making things made of copper for at least 8,000 years and figured out its benefits quite early.

Scientifically, copper is the 29th element on the periodic table and is called a transition metal. It has an atomic weight of 63.55 amu (atomic mass units). It is a soft-shiny metal with number of uses and importance when it comes to health.

Sources of Copper to the human body

The human body is not self-sufficient when it comes to being a source for this healthy element called copper. Our body cannot produce copper on its own and thus relies on external and dietary sources. Our body requires this mineral in small quantities, but even this small amount is necessary as almost all the organs and tissues need it for healthy functioning. Copper offers several health benefits, one of its main roles in the body is to help make red blood cells, maintain nerve cells and promote healthy immune system.

Dietary Sources

There is a great range of dietary items rich in copper. To name a few, these food items can be incorporated in your diet easily to reap its benefits.

Liver – It is highly nutritious and is packed with various nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin A, riboflavin (B2), folate (B9), iron and choline. It is also great source of copper. Only a slice of it can provide a good amount of copper to the body.

Oysters & Lobsters – Both being a type of Shellfish, are a great source of copper for meat eaters. It is high in a number of nutrients such zinc, selenium and vitamin B12. It is also low on calories and provides around 7.6 mg per 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of copper to the body.

Mushrooms – Specifically the Shiitake mushrooms, these are the edible kind of mushrooms. They are a rich source of copper and other beneficial nutrients such as vitamins B1, B5, B6 and D, selenium, manganese, zinc and folate. They are easy to incorporate in your diet.

Nuts and Seeds – As we all know, nuts and seeds both are power packed with several nutrients that are highly beneficial to the human body. They are rich in fiber, proteins and healthy fats and most importantly they are a rich source of copper.

Leafy Green Vegetables – There’s a range of leafy vegetables that are a great source of copper. Leafy vegetables are also very easily available and can be incorporated in your everyday diet without any hassle. They are very healthy and rich in other beneficial nutrients such as calcium, fiber, vitamin K, magnesium and folate.

Dark Chocolate – As it contains less milk and sugar content than regular chocolates, dark chocolate has more cocoa which is rich in fiber, antioxidants and a number of other healthy nutrients including copper.

Copper Infused Water – Water when stored in vessels made from copper or tamba gets infused with tiny copper ions making the water rich in copper content. For an easy to carry and hassle-free option, copper water bottles are a great choice as they are portable and manageable.

Health Benefits of Copper

Copper plays an important role in smooth functioning of body's organs and systems. It helps the body to:-

Copper plays an important role in smooth functioning of body's organs and systems. It helps the body to:-

1. Make Red Blood Cells - Copper helps in the formation of haemoglobin, it is needed to make red blood cells.

2. Keep Nerve Cells Healthy - Copper is very important for the normal development of the brain and nervous system. It helps in the production and maintenance of myelin; it insulates nerve cells to ensure proper transmission of nerve impulses.

3. Support Your Immune System – Copper helps in the maintenance of healthy white blood cells which play a great role in supporting the immune system.

4. Help Form Collagen – Collagen is a type of protein, an important structural material that helps make up your bones and tissues. Copper deficiency can affect the collagen formation in the body which may lead to weaker bones

5. Protect Cells From Damage – When the cellular energy (ATP) is released inside the mitochondria, there is involvement of a copper-containing enzyme. Copper also acts as a cofactor in neutralising free radicals that would otherwise oxidise and destroy healthy cells.

6. Absorb Iron Into Your Body - Copper helps the body in the absorption of iron from the intestines. Copper deficiency may lead to iron deficiency which can give rise to fatigue and weakness.

Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Bottle

Having knowledge of the countless benefits that copper has to offer. Drinking the water stored in a copper made bottle has its own health benefits.  It is an easier option than just storing water in a copper vessel as a bottle can be carried with you even when you are on the go. Which means you have a choice of drinking healthy and clean water no matter where you are.

Storing water in a copper bottle also promotes a natural purification process which kills the microorganisms, bacteria, molds, fungi, and algae present in the water. These harmful organisms when eliminated, makes the water perfectly fit for drinking.

A pure copper water bottle is exactly what you need. Here are a few reasons why drinking water stored in a copper bottle can be beneficial for you. Copper water bottle benefits the human body as it:-

1) Promotes better digestion

Copper is a power packed mineral that offers several health benefits. It is also anti-bacterial in nature which helps in killing harmful and unwanted bacteria in the stomach. This helps in the reduction of stomach inflammation to help with ulcers, indigestion and other infections. Copper is great for your digestive system as it also helps in cleansing, detoxing and promotion of healthy liver and kidney functions. Copper infused water is ideal as it can help break down the food particles to improve digestion.

2) May Help With Weight Management

Copper infused water can be a great addition to the daily practices that people who are trying to lose weight usually follow. It not only helps in promoting smooth digestive functions, it also helps break down fats to eliminate it out of the body more efficiently.

3) Helps Heal Wounds Quicker

Copper helps quicken up the healing process as it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory in nature. That’s not it, copper also boosts the immune system and production of new cells which helps heal wounds quickly.

4) Slows Down Ageing

Copper may act as a natural remedy in taking care of the signs of aging. As it is a great antioxidant and helps in the growth of new cells which helps the skin look radiant and toned. It also helps fight free radicals which is one of the main reasons for early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5) Promotes Healthy Heart Function

Copper can be extremely helpful in promoting proper heart functions due to its healthy properties. It may help in regulating the blood pressure, heart rate, triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels which in turn may be a great aid in avoiding various disorders.

6) Offers Protection Against Various Infections

Copper is oligodynamic in nature, it is also known to have a sterilizing effect on the bacteria. Which means that copper when comes in contact with harmful bacteria, can eliminate them efficiently. Thus, the water stored in a tamba bottle or copper bottle is clean, free from harmful bacteria and may help you protect yourself from infections.

7) May Help With Arthritis and Inflamed Joints

As copper is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it helps relieve joint aches caused due to inflammation in the joints. This is usually seen in cases where people suffer from arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Copper also has strengthening qualities to enhance bone health and immune system.

8) Great For Your Skin

Copper helps in the production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that provides the colour of your eyes, hair and skin. As copper also helps in the production of new cells which regenerates the top layer of your skin, it promotes smooth and supple skin.

9) May Help Beat Anaemia

Copper is required by almost all the organs, tissues and various processes in the body. Anaemia is the haematological (blood) effect of copper deficiency in the body. It also helps form haemoglobin, which is one of the main components in the making of new blood cells.

Buy Copper Water Bottle in Different Sizes

There is a wide range of copper or tamba bottles in the market. They are available in different shapes, sizes, capacity and in different designs to suit your choice and preference. Go shop online and choose the bottle of your need.

Buy Copper Water Bottle for Kids

A copper or tamba bottle is suitable even for kids as it is packed with several health benefits. In the olden days, there used to be tamba vessels which were used to store water and even food, and the entire family drank the water stored in it. There are several brands online offering copper water bottles for kids. Seniority’s range of copper bottles for kids include -

Junior Pure Copper Bottle by AAYU – Made using 99.9% pure copper with lacquer coating to ensures that the bottle never get black from outside. This junior copper bottle is suitable for kids as it helps prevent water borne diseases, keeps the digestive system healthy and balances all other stomach related issues.

Cleaning a Copper Bottle

Copper has a tendency of darkening and staining with time due to the natural oxidation process. You cannot gain from the benefits of using a copper bottle if the bottle is not clean. It may otherwise contaminate the water stored in it. It is not advised that you use harsh detergents, soaps or scrubs either on the surface or on the inside of the bottle as it might damage or tarnish its texture.

So here are a few techniques on how to clean a new copper bottle:-

It is necessary that you clean a newly purchased water bottle. The same rule applies to using a copper water bottle for the first time. You can follow these simple steps to clean the bottle thoroughly before using it

Step 1: Wash the copper bottle with normal water

Step 2: Use a mixture of lime, salt, and vinegar to clean the inside portion of the bottle

Step 3: Use mild soapy water to clean the outer surface

Step 4: Rinse the bottle with normal water and leave it to dry

To clean a used copper bottle

You know it’s time for thorough cleaning when you see thecopper water bottle turning black or when you see stains appearing on its surface. It is completely normal as copper reacts to the natural process of oxidation which can darken its look. It is easy to get the shine back by using the methods mentioned below:–

1) Lemon and Salt Method

It is a traditional and easy method of cleaning vessels made from copper as both the ingredients are almost always available in the kitchen.

Take some salt in a bowl and cut a lemon in half to dip it the salt. Scrub the bottle with the salt dipped lemon. While doing so, gently squeeze the lemon juice so that it mixes with the salt. Salt acts as a scrubber and the acidic nature of the lemon helps clean it. Wash it off with some regular or warm water and repeat the process when necessary.

Cleaning the Inside of the Bottle

Simply squeeze half a lemon in the bottle and add about 1 tablespoon of salt with half a cup of water in it. Close the lid and shake the bottle to thoroughly. Throw out the mixture and rinse the bottle with regular water.

2) Vinegar & Salt Method

Vinegar is a great substitute to lemons. This method is equally easy. Simply make a mixture by adding 1 tablespoon salt and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Wait till the salt dissolves and then apply the mixture all over the copper bottle. You can use a cotton ball or a cotton cloth to scrub the bottle. Wash the copper bottle thoroughly with water. Dry the bottle with a cotton cloth to avoid stain build up.

Cleaning the Inside of the Bottle

Put the same mixture mentioned above in the copper water bottle and add a cup of water to it. Shake the bottle well and throw out the mixture. Rinse it properly with regular water and let it dry.

3) Baking Soda Method

Baking soda is a great cleaning agent when it comes to copper bottles. You can substitute salt with baking soda and mix it with lemon or vinegar. It is easy to use; you can follow the same steps mentioned in the above methods.

4) Salt, Vinegar & Flour Method

Take 1 tablespoon of salt and add 1 cup of white vinegar. Make a mixture of both the ingredients and add flour to it. Apply the mixture on to the copper bottle and scrub over the darkened part of the copper bottle. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse it with regular water.

Various copper bottles online

Dr. Copper Water Bottle – Dr. Copper brings to you pure quality seamless copper bottles. You can store the water for upto 4 to 8 hours to make the water copper rich. It will help in effectively killing the bacteria present in the water and also offer a range of health benefits.

AAYU Copper Bottles – AAYU has a range of copper water bottle to offer. They are made from pure copper material, are leak proof and highly durable. These bottles are also available in different capacities and sizes. They help make the water stored copper rich to ensure greater health benefits.

Milton Copper Bottle – This 100% pure and leak proof Copper Bottle is built to offer multiple health benefits. Milton copper bottles are mostly coated with lacquer to ensure they do not become black over time. They are also leak proof making them hassle free while carrying.

Signoraware Copper Bottle – Coated with a superior lacquer layer to make the bottle fingerprint free. This water bottle by Signoraware is made from 100% pure copper to ensure that you reap all the benefits.

Prestige Water Bottle – Prestige brings to you a range of leak proof copper bottles made with silicone rings on the cap. The bottles are made from good quality copper and have a glossy finish. They are also available in different sizes and capacity.

Cello Copper Bottles – Cello has a wide range of copper made water bottles to suit your need. These rust resistant bottles are made from 98.99 percent pure grade copper. Their odourless copper bottles help in microbial purification of the water stored in it.

Pipal Copper Bottles - These Leak Proof and Joint-less copper bottles by Pipal are a healthy alternative to using other water bottles. The bottles are made from pure copper to provide great health benefits.

Nayasa Copper Bottles – Hand crafted and made from 100 percent copper, these water bottles by Nayasa are a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle. The bottles are also sleek and leak proof making them highly portable.

Borosil Copper Bottles – Tested by intertek, these water bottles by Borosil are made from 100 percent pure copper to offer all the health benefits. These bottles are lacquer coated to maintain the natural copper colour.

If you are still confused and want to read further about Copper Bottles You can check Copper Water Bottle Buying Guide & make an informed decision.


1. How to clean copper bottle?

Copper water bottle turning black is an actual thing. As copper reacts to the natural process of oxidation, the surface can get darkened or stains might appear over time. Using strong detergents, soaps or scrubs can tarnish its surface. You can follow these easy steps to keep the copper bottle clean and shiny. For more information check out our Blog:

  • Use the Salt and Lemon method
  • Use the Vinegar and Salt method
  • Use the Salt, Vinegar And Flour method
  • Use the Baking Soda method

2. Is copper bottle good for health?

Storing water in a copper bottle has several health benefits. It promotes a natural purification process which kills the microorganisms, bacteria, molds, fungi, and algae present in the water. These harmful organisms when eliminated, makes the water perfectly fit for drinking.

Remember that you should not drink the water stored in a copper vessel water all year long. You can continue for a period of three months and then take a break for one month. After the break again use the bottle for next three months. This gives our body time to remove any excess copper deposited in our body.

3. How to clean the inside of a copper water bottle?

The same methods mentioned above can be used to clean even the inside of the bottle. Use of strong detergents, soaps and scrubs should be avoided to ensure durability.

4. Is copper bottle healthy?

Yes, the copper bottle is a healthier option as it offers several benefits to the human body. Another reason for using a Copper Bottle is that, it is a great substitute to using plastic water bottles. It is also a more sustainable alternative.

5. Is the copper water bottle suitable for kids?

Yes, there are no restrictions on who should use a copper bottle. Unless you already have an underlying condition of having elevated copper levels in the body, using a copper bottle is safe.

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