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  1. 1 Gandhi- A Spiritual Journey - M. V. Kamath
    Gandhi- A Spiritual Journey - M. V. Kamath...
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  2. 2 Nehru and Indian Constitutionalism - N.R.Madhava Menon
    Nehru and Indian Constitutionalism - N.R.Madh...
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Fiction & Non-fiction

There are two primary book genres, Fiction and Non-fiction. Fiction refers to literature created from imagination. Mysteries science fiction, motivational fiction, romance, fantasy, crime thrillers are all genres of fiction. Non-fiction, on the other hand, refers to literature based on facts and they are usually true. Non-fiction comprises of motivational and inspirational novels or books that keeps you motivated to do more, biographies & autobiographies that are filled with inspiring stories, the self-help book that helps us make lives simpler, true crime investigative books are real-life cases of crime & investigation and so on.

Best Fiction and Non-Fiction Book Online

Best fiction and non-fiction books and novels to read are available on seniority in every sub-genre from Gandhi- A Spiritual Journey by M. V. Kamath to The Sage’s Secret (The Kalki Chronicles) by Abhinav. You can order them online on Seniority and have them delivered to you. Just pick a category and the genre of the book, read about the book and order it online in just a few clicks if you like it. A good mixture of fiction and non-fiction will transport you to another world and bring you back to the ground as well.

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