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Devotional Music

Music is a medium often used to communicate with God. Old age is a time to seek a passage to the Supreme Being. Devotional songs have long been used to direct mind and soul towards a safe harbor. Devotional music can be a devotion towards a religion, country, god or it can be even spiritually devotional. Traditionally devotional music has been a part of Christian music, Hindu music, Sufi music, Buddhist music, Islamic music and Jewish music.

Wide Range of Online Devotional Songs for Elderlies in India

There are various types of devotional music like songs, bhajans, qawwali, mantras, shlokas, spin-offs and many more, sung by the finest singers like Jagjit Singh, Anup Jalota, Anuradha Paudwal, Purushottam Das Jalota & many more.

The significance of Devotional Mantras and Songs

Devotional songs help one find compassion, generosity, and harmony. In addition to this, listening to devotional songs is shown to have added benefits to the mental health of a person. Listening to devotional music fosters relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases self-esteem. In Alzheimer patients, devotional music can increase communication skills, and stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory. It significantly helps in keeping a check on anger. Those who listen to devotional music have reported better sleep, increased the ability to concentrate, increased awareness, and lessened the need for medications. In India, devotion is a way of life.

Devote your time to some music, go through the range of devotional music here at Seniority!

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