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Instrumental & Classical Music

Instrumental music is composition or recording without lyrics, singing, it might also include some inarticulate vocals. Through semantic widening, a broader sense of the word song may refer to instrumentals. Instrumental music soothes and relaxes the mood of a person. Instrumental music is pure music coming from the instruments, which means no voice from the singer and no lyrics being said. Instrumentals sound of the piano, flute, guitar, and other instruments are what most people are fond of listening.

Vivid Shades of Instrumental Music Song for Leisure Time

The difference between active and passive listening is that in active listening, the listener pays full attention to the speaker and his word while in passive listening, listener acts passively by receiving the message only without paying much attention to it.

Buy Now the Hindi Classic Bollywood Instrumental Songs Collection

There is a variety of instrumental collections available on Seniority. Carnatic instrumental, Retro Bollywood instrumental music, The Elements gives the feeling of oneness with nature, Magic of Flute by PT Hariprasad Chaurasia that includes tracks played on the flute. This vast collection of instrumental music is available on music cards at Seniority.

Add some instrumental music to your collection with music cards available in every genre at Seniority.

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