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Regional Music

Folk culture is the culture traditionally practiced by small rural group living in relative isolation from other groups. It involves creative hobbies activities that are based on folk traditions, heritage culture. Folk Culture is also the different ways a group of people expresses themselves

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In India the folk culture is diverse as India has a vast cultural diversity, even in every state there are multiple folk cultures. The culture ranges from painting to dance to the music!

The regional music differs according to the culture, religion, language, origin, geography and even the history of that place or group of people. In India, there is a variety of folk music including Lavani, Sufi folk rock, Tamang Selo, Bhavageethe, Bhangra & Giddha and many more.

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Folk culture is the living heritage of our forebears which is been kept alive by communities and individuals through their skills, traditions & customs which helps keep the legacy going. The genre of Folk is extremely broad and spans every generation of the earth. Folk songs are important to music because they give a short history of the people involved in the music. Folk songs often pass important information from generation to generation as well.

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