Lobodil Suspension (200 ml Pet Bottle) - Lobodil

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Lobodil suspension is a poly herbal combination of natural bronchodilator, mucolytic, muco-kinetic & expectorant. It offers relief from COPD...
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Lobodil is a safe, effective and clinically tested natural anti-allergic preparation. It effectively helps in improving the immune defence of respiratory tract and acts as a natural cure that helps in preventing cough, cold and cough, flu, wheezing, allergic and dry cough. Lobodil suspension has mucolytic, bronchodilation and expectorant actions that ensure smooth respiration and prevents bacterial infections.


  • Bambusa Arundinacea and Adathoda Vasica exhibit antihistaminic properties and manages the symptoms associated with respiratory disorders.
  • Nisdal liquefies the dry cough and expels it thus helps in relieving nasal and bronchial congestion.


  • Natural anti-allergic syrup
  • Improves immune defence of respiratory tract
  • Prevents & controls cough, cold and cough, flu, dry cough
  • Helpful during allergic wheezing, shortness of breath, nocturnal dyspnea, allergic bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, bacterial infections, pollen allergy and common cold and cough

Product Specifications

Shelf Life 24 Months
Return Policy Non Returnable
Ingredients Banslochana and Adathoda vasica
Brand Salveo
Dimensions 5 x 4 x 4 cm

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1. How much quantity does the pack include?

The pack includes one 200 ml bottle.

2. What are the ingredients of the syrup?

Lobodil syrup consists of Banslochana and Adathoda vasica.

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