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The Omron Forehead Thermometer provides fast touchless forehead temperature measurement which is suitable for all ages, including infants an...
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This non-contact thermometer is a handy tool when you are not able to keep the patient still even for a few seconds while you take the temperature from a traditional thermometer. This non-contact thermometer as the name suggests does not even come in contact with the patient while taking the reading. Non-contact thermometers sometimes referred to as temperature guns, are simply aimed at the middle of the forehead from a specified distance with infrared rays used to determine the patient's temperature. This thermometer measures the temperature at the surface of the forehead by sensing infrared emission of the skin at the measured point and then calculates the oral-equivalent value using a unique algorithm based on actual body temperature survey data.

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  • Celsius & Fahrenheit Switchable
  • Energy saving mode - automatically switches off
  • 3-in-1 Measurement modes - forehead, room and surface temperature

Product Specifications

Country of Origin China
SKU MC-720
Return Policy 3 Days Return in case of Manufacturing Defects
The product you return must be unused and in the original condition with all the tags and receipts

How to use MC-720 Forehead Thermometer - Omron

Forehead Measurement Mode
  • This mode displays the equivalent value of the forehead temperature, which does not need to be measured orally
  • Always ensure that the lens of the probe is clean and intact, and the forehead is clean with no sweat, beauty products, scars, etc
  • Before measuring the temperature, ensure that the patient has not taken a bath or exercised within the last 30 minutes and has remained steady for 5 minutes
  • To remove it, simply pull off the lens cap
  • Press the ON or MEM button
  • Position the probe lens at the center of the forehead, at least 1 to 3 cm away from it
  • Press the START button
  • A long beep after 1 second indicates that the measurement has been recorded
  • Move the thermometer away from the forehead and check the results
  • To turn off the unit, long press and hold the ON/MEM button until "OFF" appears on the display
Surface Measurement Mode
  • This mode can help you determine the surface temperature, which is the temperature at or near a surface object such as baby milk or formula
  • Press the ON/MEM button to turn on the thermometer
  • Press and hold the ON/MEM button. While holding it down, press the START button
  • Move the thermometer close to the article and press the START button
  • Do not place the probe lens directly onto the object
  • When measuring an object with extremely high or low temperature, ensure to measure it safely without causing any damage to the thermometer

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1. Can you take Farenheit and Celsius readings with this thermometer?

Yes, you can easily switch between Farenheit and Celsius.

2. Is it suitable to use for all ages?

Yes, it is suitable for all ages, including infants and young children.

3. How many measurement modes are present?

It has 3 measurement modes: forehead (body) temperature, room temperature, surface temperature (such as a baby bath or bottle).

4. What type of a thermometer is it?

It is a fast non-contact forehead thermometer, that simply needs to be aimed at the middle of the forehead from a specified distance. It uses infrared rays to determine the patient's temperature.

5. Is it battery operated?

Yes, it is equipped with a CR2032 lithium button battery.

6. How do you switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

This unit is set in °C as default.

  • While the room temperature is displayed, press and hold the START button
  • While holding it down, press and hold the ON/MEM button until °F appears on the display with two beeps

7. How do you clean the probe lens?

Use a 70% alcohol swab or soft cotton with 70% alcohol to clean the probe lens. Allow the probe lens to fully dry for a few minutes before use.

8. How many measurements can be recored with a new battery?

With a new battery, approximately 2,500 measurements or more can be recorded.

9. What does the package contain?

It contains – 1 main unit, test battery (CR2032 installed), probe lens cap and an instruction manual.

10. Is the main unit waterproof?

The main unit is not waterproof. Be careful when handling this unit so that no liquid (alcohol, water, or hot water) penetrates into the main unit. When the unit is wet with vapor, wait until it dries or wipe it lightly with a soft dry cloth.

11. How many measurement results are stored in the unit?

This unit automatically stores the last 25 measurement results (excluding Hi/Lo results). If the memory is full, the unit will delete the oldest reading. Also, when the unit is switched between °C and °F, all the readings stored in the memory are deleted.

From the Manufacturer

Omron develops and manufactures medical equipment’s for home and professional use, to help people live a healthier life. They also offer health management software and health promotion services. Omron’s wide range of home healthcare products includes blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, thermometers, body composition monitors, pulse massagers and pedometers.
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