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To prevent the abnormal flow of blood, Medical Compression Stockings provide graduated compression, which is strongest at the ankle and it g...
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Tynor brings to you these Medical Compression Stockings to provide graduated compression, that is strongest at the ankle and gradually decreases as we move up. This controlled and graduated compression may effectively help stop any abnormal back flow of blood. These Thigh high stockings help compress the outer walls of superficial veins to make them strong and to help prevent varicose veins. Their anatomical shape provides upward graded compression for effective blood evacuation. They are made from high quality soft nylon yarn material with a silicone band that helps offer optimal grip as well as ensures no slippage. The stockings are highly stretchable and durable and have pleasant aesthetics. The stockings also feature a closed heel, open toe design to ensure comfort and reduced wear & tear.

Wash Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash with mild detergent, with water below 30°C without wringing
  • Dry in shade on a flat surface
  • Do not dry-clean, iron or bleach
  • Note:

  • Use this product under strict guidance of a qualified doctor
  • Discontinue use and seek guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of impaired sensation or if the pain increases or persists
  • Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use with another medical device
  • Excessive physical exertion can lead to a risk of rise in blood pressure. Take extra precaution
  • Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness
  • Follow instructions mentioned
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Features

    • Provides effective and uniform compression
    • Freely breathable
    • Highly durable
    • Provides four-way stretch
    • Open toe design which is easy to wear

    Product Specifications

    Country of Origin India
    Brand Tynor
    Material Nylon Yarn & Spandex With Silicone Lining
    Warranty 6 Months Brand Warranty against manufacturing defects.
    Color Skin
    Return Policy 3 Days Replacement against manufacturing defects. Exchanges are available only for products that have a size variants.
    The product to be replaced or exchanged must be unused and in the original condition with all the tags and receipts

    How to use Medical Compression Stocking Thigh High Pair -Tynor

    • Put on stockings in the morning before you get out of bed. Your legs have the least amount of swelling early in the morning
    • Slide the stockings onto your arms with hand reaching the heel area
    • Holding the extra heel material, turn the stockings inside out till the heel
    • Broaden the mouth of the fabric cave so formed and pull till it reaches the heel
    • Unfold the stockings from heel to knee, in a manner that fabric rolls on the fabric and not on bare skin
    • Pull the upper part of the stockings from knee till mid thigh
    • Smoothen the wrinkles from bottom upwards with both hands, gloved or otherwise till you get absolutely stretched garment on the leg
    • Below knee stockings should be 2 fingers below the knee bend


  • If you use lotion on your legs, let it dry before you put on the stockings
  • Use a little baby powder or corn starch on your legs. This may help the stockings slide up easily
  • Put on rubber dishwashing gloves. Use your hands to adjust the stocking and smooth it out
  • For open-toe stockings, use an applicator to slide the stocking over your foot
  • Benefits of Medical Compression Stocking Thigh High Pair -Tynor

    • Can be used for tired, aching legs
    • May offer relief from Edema (Mild ankle/foot swelling)
    • Can be used for Varicose veins, Deep Vein Thrombosis & Spider Veins conditions
    • May help offer relief from Lymphedema, Phlebitis & Economy Class Syndrome (ECS)
    • May be suitable during pregnancy
    • May help relieve aching and heavy feeling in legs
    • Cna be useful post surgery or injury

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    1. What are the stockings made of?

    The stockings are made of high-quality nylon yarn with silicone lining.

    2. What size are the stockings available in?

    The stockings are available in four sizes, i.e., Small, Medium, Large and XL.

    From the Manufacturer

    Tynor Orthotics Pvt Ltd. was conceived at a time when Orthopaedic products available to the Indian patients were either of a very low quality or very expensive. Their aim is to provide world class and innovative solutions in the orthopaedics and allied fields. They have been working with academic and medical fraternity to help improve health care products & its standards.

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