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Mobility aids have various types of accessories that can be added to them or even upgraded for better results. There are various types of Mobility aid accessories available for on Seniority from accessories for Walking Sticks, Wheelchairs to Walkers.

They improve walking safety and maintain the walking aid for years to come. Accessories will help improve the mobility device. There are also spare parts available for your mobility aids.

Shop Accessories for Wheelchairs and Walkers

Wheelchair Accessories are available such as seat cushions, footrests, wheels, side tables, food trays, and wheelchair belts. The accessories will also make traveling more comfortable whilst enabling you to get around independently. Walker Accessories like shoes and grips for your walker that helps the walker last longer and have a better grip that can be upgraded. Walking Stick accessories too have spare sticks, shoes, a base, elbow crutch, walking stick sleeve all these accessories provide more support and comfort.

Get your accessories now, shop accessories for your mobility aids here!

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