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  1. 1 Medipedic Walker Castor - Vissco
    Medipedic Walker Castor - Vissco
    ₹2,235 ₹2,419
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  2. 2 Dura Max Walker With Straight Wheel (PC-2946) - Vissco
    Dura Max Walker With Straight Wheel (PC-2946)...
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  3. 3 Dura Step Walker (PC-2939) - Vissco
    Dura Step Walker (PC-2939) - Vissco
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  4. 4 Foldable Walker (JWK-01) - MCP
    Foldable Walker (JWK-01) - MCP
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  5. 5 Dura Max Walker with Wheel - Vissco
    Dura Max Walker with Wheel - Vissco
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  6. 6 Invalid Folding Walker Plain - Vissco
    Invalid Folding Walker Plain - Vissco
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Old age can result in decreasing mobility and moving around can become somewhat difficult. In addition to old age, there are so many other factors that can lead to a reduction in mobility, such as injuries or health problems. There are many products that help people with limited mobility, move around freely and independently.

Mobility aids are assistive devices suitable for senior adults, injured people or people with decreased mobility due to other health issues, that help them carry on their daily routine without being dependent on caretakers. One of them is a wheelchair. Seniority has curated a wide range of wheelchairs that are specially designed to suit your requirements.


A mobility aid is suitable for people with temporary or permanent conditions that affect their mobility, balance and weight bearing. Some mobility aids can be used by people with sufficient upper body strength and coordination such as walkers and crutches, while other mobility aids like wheelchairs are more suited for people who need assistance in manoeuvring them or those who can self-propel.

A few examples of situations where mobility aids are useful are:

    • Loss of use of limb due to injury or permanent condition

    • Weakened lower body

    • Knee/Ankle/Foot/Back Surgery

    • Fractures in the lower limbs

    • ACL tear or injury

    • Impaired balance

    • Arthritis

    • Walking impairment due to brain injury or stroke


• Can prevent falls and related injuries

• Increase in confidence and independence level

• Enhance user safety

• Can aid in quicker recovery in case of injuries or post-surgery

• Stability in movement and balance

• Suitable for short-term injuries and those that take time to recover


A walker is a mobility aid with a metal framework and four legs that offers stability and support to the user. It is suitable for people who have sufficient arm strength and can lift it while walking. Medical walkers for the elderly are specially designed to make them feel more independent as they eliminate reliance on caregivers.

Walkers can be used by:

    • The elderly

    • People who have trouble balancing themselves

    • People who are recovering from surgeries or an injury

    • People who are experiencing weakness

    • People with health problems that limit mobility


• Using a walker makes walking safe, whether you are walking through the house, out for a stroll in the park or at a store. If you have a walker, you will have more stability and the risk of falling will be reduced drastically.

• Walkers reduce weight-bearing, allowing you to walk long distances as they take off most of your body's weight. This helps you stay active and mobile.

• If you are using a walker, you can rest whenever required without overextending yourself. Walkers give you the ability to stop and take a break.

• A lot of people use a walker as a precaution as it provides a little more support than a cane. It is a great mobility support for situations where you know you’ll need extra support.

• A walker ensures less stress on the body and will bear some of your weight. This allows you to have more stamina, keep your energy levels high and go about your daily routine without muscle fatigue.


Each walker has its own uses and features. The type of walker you will need mostly depends on the severity of the problem you are facing, and your doctor will assign you a walker keeping that in mind.

The different types of walkers are:


    This type of walker is simple, lightweight and has no wheels. A standard walker offers stability to people who have sufficient strength to lift it while walking. Its four legs can be adjusted according to the height of the user and its stationary base makes movement more convenient and secure. A standard walker comes with a three-sided frame that surrounds the user.

    • Example: Medipedic Walker Castor - Vissco


    The Invalid Folding Walker Plain by Vissco helps senior citizens recover from a stroke, a lower limb fracture, post lower limb surgery or any peripheral nerve disorder and enables one to start walking again. It facilitates proper balance while walking by providing a larger support at the base. The gravity is positioned stably at the center with four additional points of contact.

    • Example: Invalid Folding Walker Plain - Vissco


    This type of walker is designed for maximum comfort and provides sturdy support. It comes with a wide seat and back support in case the user wants to rest. A walker with a seat can be adjusted as per height of the user and the seat can be raised to step inside the walker frame.


    Vissco brings to you this Dura Max Walker which acts as an ideal mobility aid and walking companion. Designed with an adjustable aluminium frame, this Walker is lightweight and comes with a black handle along with soft hand grips. The walker lowers the impact and static forces that are transmitted to the affected limbs. It provides a larger base of support that helps facilitate balancing while walking. Also, the walker provides four additional points of contact along with a stable centre for gravity positioning.

    • Example: Dura Max Walker With Straight Wheel (PC-2946) - Vissco


    Walk with utmost comfort and safety with Amigo Aluminium Foldable Walker. The walker is made of an aluminium frame that promises maximum safety and durability. The walker has height-adjustable push handle and push down lock brakes that allow you to drive the walker comfortably along with maximum safety. The walker features a PU seat for maximum seating comfort, sturdy wheels for easy mobility and nylon shopping bag. The walker has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 135 kg and is suitable for senior citizens, individuals with mobility issues and people recovering from injury or surgery.

    • Example: Aluminium Foldable Walker - Mobilita


    Foldable and adjustable walkers are suitable for people in initial stages after getting a hip, foot or leg surgery or a fracture. They can be folded flat to make transportation more convenient and ensure minimal space requirement. Foldable and adjustable walkers can be regular walkers with four legs or can have two front wheels or wheels on all legs.

How to Choose the Right Walker for Disabled Senior Citizens

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I buy folding adjustable walkers?

There are a lot of places you can buy folding adjustable walkers online. Seniority has a wide range of walkers curated to suit your needs and are picked based on their features and functionality. You can find them here =>

2. Are folding adjustable walkers useful for the elderly?

Yes. Folding adjustable walkers are useful for the elderly. They are most suitable for people who have sufficient upper body strength to lift the walker with each step. For those who have lesser upper body strength, walkers with wheels are best suited.

3. What are the benefits of using folding adjustable walkers?

Folding adjustable walkers give the users a sense of independence and allow them to move around without needing assistance. They also help maintain stability and balance and prevent the users from falling. As they take a lot of body weight off the user, they allow longer walks and ensure more stamina.

4. Will I need assistance while using a folding adjustable walker?

If you are a first-time user, you may need a little help walking with a walker in the initial stages. But walkers overall are very easy to use and do not need any external assistance. If you are in a slippery area or do not have enough strength in your upper body, you may want to ask someone for help while walking to prevent falls.

5. Can folding adjustable walkers give me independence while walking?

Yes. Folding adjustable walkers are designed in a way that the user does not need assistance. You just need to have enough upper body strength and you can use them on your own, giving you a sense of independence while you move around.

Products & Price list:

Folding & Adjustable Walker Price (₹)
Medipedic Walker Castor - Vissco 1,792.00
Dura Max Walker With Straight Wheel (PC-2946) - Vissco 2,885.00
Aluminium Foldable Walker - Mobilita 6,510.00
Dura Step Walker (PC-2939) - Vissco 3,011.00
Invalid Folding Walker Plain - Vissco 3,009.00

Data last updated on 10/01/2023

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