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    Invalid Wheel Chair with Regular Folding Mag Wheels - Vissco
    Invalid Wheel Chair with Regular Folding...
    ₹11,990 ₹13,714
    13% OFF
    Save ₹1,724
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    Electric Wheelchair - Eadicct
    Electric Wheelchair - Eadicct
    ₹56,999 ₹62,999
    10% OFF
    Save ₹6,000
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    Steel Folding Commode Chair - Vissco
    Steel Folding Commode Chair - Vissco
    ₹4,919 ₹5,170
    5% OFF
    Save ₹251
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    Transit Wheel Chair - Vissco
    Transit Wheel Chair - Vissco
    ₹8,990 ₹9,990
    10% OFF
    Save ₹1,000
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    Wheel Chair Regular With Writing Board - Vissco
    Wheel Chair Regular With Writing Board -...
    ₹11,990 ₹14,557
    18% OFF
    Save ₹2,567
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    Assisted Wheel Chair - Arcatron
    Assisted Wheel Chair - Arcatron
    ₹22,900 ₹29,000
    21% OFF
    Save ₹6,100
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    Power Series Standing Wheel Chair KP-80 - Karma
    Power Series Standing Wheel Chair KP-80 ...
    ₹299,000 ₹424,910
    30% OFF
    Save ₹125,910
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    Invalid Reclining WChair With Elevated Foot Rest - Vissco
    Invalid Reclining WChair With Elevated F...
    ₹17,219 ₹23,237
    26% OFF
    Save ₹6,018
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    Invalid New Wheel Chair With High Back Rest - Vissco
    Invalid New Wheel Chair With High Back R...
    ₹9,990 ₹14,990
    33% OFF
    Save ₹5,000
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    Invalid Adj. Commode Walker With Back Rest - Vissco
    Invalid Adj. Commode Walker With Back Re...
    ₹7,379 ₹7,760
    5% OFF
    Save ₹381
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    Institutional Invalid Wheel Chair - Vissco
    Institutional Invalid Wheel Chair - Viss...
    ₹7,990 ₹10,789
    26% OFF
    Save ₹2,799
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    karma kp 10.3
    Ergonomically Designed Power Wheelchair ...
    ₹89,999 ₹115,000
    22% OFF
    Save ₹25,001


You may have a difficult time walking and need to frequently lean on someone or hold onto their arm as they walk next to you. Feeling unbalanced when you walk is a common reason many seniors live a sedentary lifestyle. You may be afraid to walk within your home while you are alone or have a fear of falling. This type of fear can cause you to become isolated from friends and family.

Relish Mobility with Wheelchairs Available Online in India

A wheelchair is a great source of help; it will give you back your independence and free spirit to move around your home and the outdoors as you wish. You can begin enjoying your hobbies and many activities that you have given up. At the same time, it encourages and helps maintain a comfortable and correct posture to the user. The wheelchair is ideal for differently-abled individuals as well as those who are temporarily advised to avoid walking because of an injury that needs time to heal. It is also great for senior citizens who are affected by health conditions that do not allow them to walk even for their daily routine home tasks.

Wheelchairs can be used by adults, senior citizens and even kids with disabilities. Anyone suffering from Arthritis, motor neuron diseases, paralysis, post-surgery recuperating patients

Buy from a Wide Range of Wheelchairs for Senior Citizens

Seniority has several wheelchairs from electronic to regular wheelchairs, we even have active wheelchairs for people who enjoy playing sports or living an active life. We also have wheelchairs with reclining, comfortable seats and wheelchair with commode attached to them. We have manual, ergonomic, ultra-lightweight, lightweight, transport, standard, recliner, tilt, active, bariatric, pediatric and standing wheelchair. You will find a wheelchair for your every need at Seniority. While picking a wheelchair, be sure to clear about your need and usage from it. One must check the seat depth, wheelchair seat width, seat to floor height, back height, if it has arm & leg rests or not, if the backrest is adjustable or not, how the wheels are, and will they be easy to maneuver through your house or narrow areas. Get yourself a wheelchair that fits your need, go through our catalog now!

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