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There are quite a few factors that can cause our mobility to go down, making moving around a difficult task. One of those factors is old age, and in addition to growing old, other factors that can lead to a reduction in mobility are injuries, health problems and many more. There are many products that help people with limited mobility, move around freely and independently.

Mobility aids are assistive devices suitable for senior adults, injured people or people with decreased mobility due to other health issues, that help them carry on their daily routine without being dependent on caretakers. One of them is a wheelchair. Seniority has curated a wide range of wheelchairs that are specially designed to suit your requirements.


A mobility aid is suitable for people with temporary or permanent conditions that affect their mobility, balance and weight bearing. Some mobility aids can be used by people with sufficient upper body strength and coordination such as walkers and crutches, while other mobility aids like wheelchairs are more suited for people who need assistance in manoeuvring them or those who can self-propel.

A few examples of situations where mobility aids are useful are:

    • Loss of use of limb due to injury or permanent condition

    • Weakened lower body

    • Knee/Ankle/Foot/Back Surgery

    • Fractures in the lower limbs

    • ACL tear or injury

    • Impaired balance

    • Arthritis

    • Walking impairment due to brain injury or stroke


    • Can prevent falls and related injuries

    • Increase in confidence and independence level

    • Enhance user safety

    • Can aid in quicker recovery in case of injuries or post-surgery

    • Stability in movement and balance

    • Suitable for short-term injuries as well as permanent disabilities


A wheelchair is one of the most used assistive mobility devices that promote mobility and can enhance the quality of life for people who have difficulty walking. It gives a sense of independence and enables wheelchair users to live their lives as normally as possible. A proper wheelchair is also good for physical as well as mental health and can help in reducing sores and deformities caused due to incorrect posture. Examples:

    • Lightweight Automatic Foldable Wheelchair – KosmoCare

    • Power Wheelchair Zip Lite – Vissco

    • Express Power Wheelchair – Vermeiren


Allow users to get around and undertake daily activities without assistance Reduce the risk of accidental falls Can fit and manoeuvre into small spaces Suitable for most terrains and surfaces Can help improve the user’s social life


The types of wheelchairs have greatly increased and come in many choices.


    This type of wheelchair has evolved over time with oversized wheels and tires to machines that are designed to tackle the challenges of off-roading. It comes with many specialized features like tank tracks, heavy duty motors and batteries, reinforced frames and beefed-up suspension. These features have made this wheelchair a favourite among the users who want to take part in outdoor activities frequently.


    Manual wheelchairs are propelled by the users themselves or an attendant or caregiver push it around. There are various types of manual wheelchairs such as transport wheelchairs, folding frame manual wheelchairs, rigid frame manual wheelchairs, ultra-lightweight manual wheelchairs, lightweight manual wheelchairs, standard weight manual wheelchairs and heavy-duty manual wheelchairs. They are also segregated based on their frame material, i.e., steel, aluminium, aircraft aluminium, titanium, carbon composite.


    This type of wheelchair allows the user to move around without outing in any physical effort. It increases independence due to ease of use and allows users to travel greater distances without feeling tired.


    These wheelchairs are specially designed for kids and often resemble an adult wheelchair. This type of wheelchair can be fitted with positioning devices and required components and most models have adjustments such as backrest height, seat width, armrest and footrest height etc.


    This type of wheelchair is configured somewhat like a cart. It is also known as a power-operated scooter/vehicle or an electric scooter. Mobility scooters commonly use tiller controls, seats that may swivel etc. COMMODE WHEELCHAIRS: A commode wheelchair comes with an open seat and can be used in the shower or placed on the commode. It allows the user to go to the bathroom without needing assistance.



An electric wheelchair is suitable for all individuals requiring extra support to move around. There are many electric wheelchairs to suit the user’s needs, irrespective of their height, weight or other factors.


You can move around on an electric wheelchair indoors as well as outdoors, which consistently helps individuals who need mobility support. It also makes it easy to access places that may not be accessible on manual wheelchairs, such as climbing up slopes. An electric wheelchair can help solve that problem.


An electric wheelchair is very easy to handle and manoeuvre. You just need to use the controls provided to move it around as per your need. It also allows effortless mobility and gives the user a sense of independence. NO FATIGUE: Electric wheelchairs are a more convenient option than manual wheelchairs as there is no chance of fatigue and getting stuck somewhere without help. The user can control the wheelchair and move around without getting tired.


• Power Wheelchair Zip Lite – Vissco

Zip Lite Power Wheelchair by Vissco is the perfect solution for individuals suffering from mobility issues, who want to go for an economical model. This electric wheelchair is light in weight and has a weight-bearing capacity of 100 kg. It is embellished with fire retardant upholstery, double seat cushions, back cushion, foldable backrest, detachable leg-rest, flip-up armrest, pneumatic tyres and can run 12 km in a single charge. It has all the important functions that a person needs in a motorized wheelchair.

• Verve FX Power Wheelchair - Ostrich Mobility

Verve FX Power Wheelchair by Ostrich Mobility is an ideal choice for people with mobility problems. With the lowest turning radius, FX makes your life enjoyable indoors as well as outdoors. It has a foldable frame and allows tool-free disassembly which means that you can accommodate it in the smallest of cars for easy transportation. The lowest turning radius of the wheelchair makes manoeuvring very comfortable. Verve FX comes with a removable backrest, armrest and footrest. The swivel-able and foldable footrest help you manage space & allow easy access. The wide arm rest comes with height adjustment.

• Lightweight Automatic Foldable Wheelchair – KosmoCare

KosmoCare presents Automatic Foldable Wheelchair, a lightweight mobility aid that helps people move around without being dependent on anyone. This wheelchair is motorised and weighs only 33 kilograms, including the battery, making it travel-friendly. It comes with a lithium battery which has a range of up to 20 kilometres per charge. The wheelchair comes with anti-tippers that prevent the chair from flipping back, ensuring the user’s safety. It has 8-inch (20.32 cm) durable heavy-duty PU castor wheels and 16-inch (40.64 cm) PU rear wheels. It comes with a premium PG drive controller which has multiple levels of speed adjustment. This is a dual mode wheelchair, and you can easily switch it from auto mode to manual mode and vice versa.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the uses of electric wheelchairs?

An electric wheelchair can be used by people with limited mobility to move around without needing assistance, giving them a sense of independence. You can use it to go up slopes or access places that are hard to reach with manual wheelchairs.

2. What are the advantages of using an electric wheelchair over a manual wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair eliminates the need for the wheelchair to be pushed around either by an attendant or by the user himself/herself. It can be manoeuvred by the user by using the controls that are provided for this purpose. It also allows the user to access all the places that are impossible or hard to reach using a manual wheelchair, such as slopes.

3. Where can I buy an electric wheelchair?

There are many online and offline stores where you will find electric wheelchairs. However, Seniority has curated a range of the best and most functional wheelchairs that will suit your needs. These wheelchairs have been picked out on the basis of their functions, accessibility and ease of usage, making them some of the best in the market. You can buy them here.

4. What is the cost of an electric wheelchair?

There is no fixed cost for electric wheelchairs. Their cost depends on the number of features they offer and may range anywhere between Rs. 47,699 to 3,68,199. It is best to choose a wheelchair that offers all features that are mandatory for convenient and easy living.

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