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The chakras are subtle centres of psychic energy with which you can balance your body and mind and climb up the ladder of spiritual fulfilme...
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Throughout history, music and sound has had the power to transform us spiritually.Only now we are discovering what the ancients have known for millennia; sound has the power to heal.While completing your duties with finesse, get away from the strife of the mind to the fullness of your spiritual being.Your life will never be the same after you fill your being with these healing sounds.Each of our Chakras, embodies one of the seven rays of God and our spiritual ascension and path to enlightenment requires that we activate and cleanse our seven main chakras, the vortexes of spiritual energy.

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Brand Sony Music
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Genre Instrumental & Classical

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Sony Music Entertainment, known as Sony Music, is a global music conglomerate that operates as a music record label for singers. The company offers country, classical, pop, gospel, rock and hip-hop music genre.
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