Natural Digest-O-Care Powder (100 gm) - Geofresh

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Geofreshs Natural Digest-O-Care is rich in Vitamins and Minerals which promotes recovering from digestive issues without any side effects in...
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Natural Digest-O-Care powder by Geofresh is the perfect Ayurvedic combination of effective herbal remedies to maintain healthy digestive system. Even if you are eating good food everyday there are chances that you may not digest it properly, undigested food can seep from the small intestine unto the bloodstream, and the immune system reacts. Digestive discomfort and lack of energy are among the first symptoms. Symptoms of undigested food in the small intestine are craving certain foods, thyroid problems, weight gain, heartburn, bloating, gas, indigestion or burping after melas, constipation or diarrhea, hair that is full, thinning, or falling out, lackluster skin, weak or cracked nails, trouble getting up in the morning and sleep problems. This powder is prepared by using superior quality organic herbs with a unique blend of Thyme leaves powder, Senna leaves powder, Dill Seed powder, Artichoke powder, Green Amla powder, Mint leaves powder, Green Ginger powder and Dandelion Root powder.


  • It helps maintain a healthy digestive system
  • It helps in improving fat metabolism
  • Superior quality organic herbs
  • Can help boost immune system
  • Organic and gluten free

Product Specifications

Shelf Life 18 Months
Return Policy Non Returnable
Ingredients Senna Leaves Powder, Thyme Leaves Powder, Artichoke Leaves Powder, Mint Leaves Powder, Dandelion Root Powder
Product Weight 100 gm
Brand Geofresh
Flavour Pineapple

Benefits of Natural Digest-O-Care Powder (100 gm) - Geofresh

  • Supports healthy Metabolism
  • Helps in Relieving Constipation
  • It helps in Diarrhea and Indigestion problems
  • Supports Membrane of the Gastro Intestinal Tract
  • Also helps in Digestive problems such as Gas and Bloating

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