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Issues such as finger fracture or injury must be swiftly treated or you may find that the broken bone may lead to nerve damage or aggravatio...
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Issues such as finger fracture or injury must be swiftly treated or you may find that the broken bone may lead to nerve damage or aggravation of the injury which can prove to be life-threatening, especially in the case of senior citizens who have very frail bones. When facing a finger fracture or injury the first issue we face is, not finding the correct support for holding the injured finger in the right position. With Vissco New Swan Finger Splint you can be rest assured that your fractured or injured finger will be immobilized.

Benefits of Use:
  • Helps the injured finger maintain a steady position thereby speeding the healing process
  • All the important structures that aid in movement and balanced action are held in normal finger position by this splint
  • The splint supports ligaments that go on to support the finger joints
  • Will hold the injured muscles or broken bones in a fixed position but allows you to move the finger
  • The embolization of the injured fingers helps in the swift healing of tendons that control the fine motion of the finger's joints
  • Equipped with hooks and straps that ensure better fitting
When to Use:

Vissco New Swan Finger Splint is suitable for all ages. It is recommended for patients who have suffered from finger fractures or another finger injury thus need the correct amount of support to speed the recovery process. Senior citizens are suggested to use this splint even in minor cases of a sprain in order to avoid pain and help in recovery.

Product Specifications:
  • Manufactured by Vissco
  • Available in universal size
  • It is very light in weight (27g), therefore, can be worn comfortably
  • Specially designed to support the tip of the broken finger
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Best used after consulting a doctor

Product Specifications

Brand Vissco
SKU 622
Material Cotton
Return Policy 15 Days

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Vissco is one of India’s leading and oldest manufacturers of orthopedic and mobility aids. Vissco has an extensive range of orthopedic and rehabilitation products — from small sprains to chronic conditions. Their rehabilitation products offer superior pain relief, that help you recover from injuries in no time. Using contemporary designs and superior quality material, Vissco products live up to international standards to offer greater support.
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