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Brownmed presents Wrist Cushion for Mouse, designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon to provide ergonomic wrist support and comfort while you work u...
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Work with comfort and ease with Brownmed Wrist Cushion for Mouse. The wrist cushion is designed by an orthopedic surgeon for all the professional who spends most of their day time on the computer. To prevent wrist stress and fatigue that occurs due to continuous use of the mouse can be reduced with Wrist Cushion. The unique design is shaped for easy maneuvering of the mouse, while comfortably supporting your wrist and forearm to eliminate stress. The wrist cushion is filled with ergo beads that create a gentle massaging effect in your wrist to grant optimal comfort and eliminating stress. It keeps the wrist in an ideal position to prevent repetitive injuries and stress. It features non-skid base for proper placement of the wrist while you work. For added comfort, the cushion can be stored in the freezer to treat wrist stress with the gentle cooling effect.

  • Provides cushion comfort and massages your wrists
  • Cool and comfortable design
  • Ideal for all types of mouse
  • Squeezable for stress relief
  • Freeze for extra cooling relief

Product Specifications

SKU SEN198-100390
Dimensions 14.5 x 4 x 14 cm
Return Policy 15
Product Weight 157 gm
Brand Brownmed

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