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About the Evergreen Ambassador Program: 

The Evergreen Ambassador Program provides seniors a platform to come forward and build connections as the Evergreen Ambassadors of our communities. As an Evergreen Ambassador, you will inspire the idea of living evergreen amongst our communities spread across different cities in the country. Our Evergreen Ambassadors are youthful ambassadors who believe in bringing together people who are connected with the common cause of guiding senior citizens of the country to lead happy, active and fulfilling lives. As we grow and spread the notion of living evergreen far and wide, we’ll need more hands to connect local people to our living evergreen communities.

A Community Living Evergreen 

How our ambassadors make a difference 

Share a vision

Through the network, ambassadors connect with each other and the wider Living Evergreen community to explore ideas that will take us closer to our vision. Our ambassadors are active crusaders of building a community of like-minded senior citizens, who share a similar taste in lifestyle, interests and ethos. By building a network that can benefit from a mutual community experience, ambassadors create more opportunities for senior citizens in India to enjoy their second innings in life. 

Ambassadors can influence various initiatives and programs as thought leaders for the local communities they manage. They can increase awareness about the community amongst their peers, local senior citizen associations to grow communities. Ambassadors co-ordinate and lead local activities and events for the community on a monthly basis. 

The ambassador community shares regular feedback with us, guiding the development of the right services and products for seniors. Being actively involved in the development of our communities, opens new opportunities for ambassadors to leverage their skills and experience that benefit not just the community, but them personally as well. Ambassadors receive access to some of our special discounts, referral programs, and various other benefits, exclusive to the ambassador community. 

What is the eligibility criteria to join the Ambassador Program? 

  • You are a young, passionate individual or a senior citizen aged 45 or above who is interested in contributing to a brand's national community building efforts 
  • You have the gift of the gab and are proactive in communications 
  • You are a people person and your passion motivates participation and encourages community behaviours 
  • You are committed to devoting your time and effort towards the responsibilities listed under our Ambassador Program 
  • You have a deep understanding of the audience we are catering to and can find innovative ways to communicate with senior citizens 


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