Open Style Adult Diapers For Men and Women (10 Counts) - Wyper Dyper

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Designed for maximum leakage protection, these open-style adult diaper provides 8-hour leakage protection. The diapers ensure excellent odor...
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Incontinence can affect anyone at different stages of life due to multiple reasons. Whether you a new mom experiencing bladder leakage or a senior citizen with bladder issues. Wyper Dyper open style adult diapers are ideal for everyone. These diapers provide maximum protection from incontinence. The open style diapers ensure great fitting comfort, maintains hygiene & leaves you secure for 8 long hours. Its breathable non-woven fabric with elastic strings and tape allow air to flow to help skin breathe and stay cool. The anti-bacterial diapers provide excellent odor control, comfort, air flow, and absorption, through the double leakage barrier.

  • Ensures comfortable & discreet fit
  • Provides maximum leakage protection
  • Allows skin to breathe and keep it cool, soft and comfortable
  • Made from non-woven fabric, elastic strings, and tape
  • Anti-bacterial and provides excellent odor control
  • Provides 8 hours of protection against leakage

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Q: How many pieces does the pack include?

A: This pack includes 10 adult diapers.

Q: Are these pant style diapers?

A: No, these are open diapers that have adhesives at the ends for a firm grip. Rest assured, these diapers are effective against leakage.

Q: Do these diapers have a wetness indicator?

A: Yes. Wyper Dyper open style adult diaper comes with a wetness indicator that tells you when it’s time to change the diaper.

Q: How long does the diaper protect from leakage?

A: Wyper Dyper open style adult diapers offer 8 to 10 hours of protection.

Q: Can we apply powder or cream before wearing the diaper?

A: No, please avoid applying powder or cream before using these diapers as they reduce the diaper’s absorbency.

Q: Are these diapers safe to wear at night?

A: Yes. Wyper Dyper open style adult diapers provide overnight protection from wetness and leave you feeling fresh and dry when you wake up.

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