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For thousands of years buckwheat hull pillows have been recognized as an environmental friendly and orthopedically healthy sleep support. A ...
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Omved's BuckWheat Pillow is made from buckwheat hulls and the cover is made of 100% organic cotton. The pillow cover is removable and washable. The Buckwheat Hull fill conforms to the shape of the body to provide a solid support for the neck, spine and shoulder. The cover has a zipped opening that allows you to adjust the firmness and height of the cushion.Besides the orthopaedic reasons buckwheat pillows are recommended by chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists to aid in: sleeplessness, allergies, reduce headaches, migraines, snoring, TMJ syndrome, cervical and lumbar subluxations, sleep apnea, etc. Buckwheat hull pillows have a longer shelf life of up to 15 years if maintained well. When you want to discard the pillow, the hulls can be uses to make compost too.

How to Use:
  • May take a little getting used to because the hulls rustle a bit inside the pillow as you move your head. In some cases this can take up to 2 weeks.
  • Customise your pillow by removing (if needed) hulls to adjust to your own body size and comfort level.
  • If the smell of the hulls disturb you, try spraying some of our aromatherapy mists.
  • Pillow case is machine washable. Hulls are not washable. If hulls become soiled or wet they should be replaced. Set the buckwheat hulls once in awhile, in strong sunshine to freshen.

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Color Multi color
Brand Omved

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