clp-Parents Day Special

When all things are measured

Nothing can rise above or be compared in value
To a parent’s ageless, evergreen love


This Parents’ Day, whether you’re near or far apart, you can rely on Seniority to deliver the love and care that they deserve. Ranging from products that provide support for daily living activities to grooming products, we have everything you need to express your gratitude and help your loved ones lead a comfortable life.
So get shopping and treat them with surprises.


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  1. 1 Multicolor Hanging Pots For Garden And Balcony (Set of 6) - Truphe
    Multicolor Hanging Pots For Garden And Balcon...
    ₹649 ₹999
    35% OFF
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  2. 2 Multipurpose Spice Stand with 6 Jars (Assorted Color) - Miracle
    Multipurpose Spice Stand with 6 Jars (Assorte...
    ₹499 ₹810
    38% OFF
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  3. 3 Sugarfree Kaju Katli - Dezire Natural
    Sugarfree Kaju Katli - Dezire Natural
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  4. 4 3-in-1 Kitchen Sink Organiser
    3-in-1 Kitchen Sink Organiser
    ₹299 ₹400
    25% OFF
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  5. 5 Magicbrella - Inverted Magic Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle - Seniority
    Magicbrella - Inverted Magic Umbrella with C-...
    ₹489 ₹900
    46% OFF
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  6. 6 Terracotta Foot Scrubber - Omved
    Terracotta Foot Scrubber - Omved
    ₹299 ₹359
    17% OFF
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  7. 7 Night Mask Soft (Pack of 2) - Star
    Night Mask Soft (Pack of 2) - Star
    ₹349 ₹390
    11% OFF
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  8. 8 Tibetan Yoga For Health and Well-Being - Alejandro Chaoul
    Tibetan Yoga For Health and Well-Being - Alej...
    ₹245 ₹250
    2% OFF
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  9. 9 Usb Foot File Set (1 Extra Roller Head) - Seniority
    Usb Foot File Set (1 Extra Roller Head) - Sen...
    ₹339 ₹599
    43% OFF
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Express your love this Parents’ Day 2019 with Seniority

Looking for ideas to make this Parents’ Day special?

Well, fuss no more. With Seniority’s exciting range of products, convey your gratitude towards your Mom and Dad, in the best possible way with great parent's day offers.

Our parents have been our biggest support system. From holding our hands when we were little, to teaching us all the important life lessons, our parents have ensured that we lead a safe and comfortable life. They have been a part of all the special moments and comforted us during the most difficult days of our lives. On this special day, let’s make a small effort for the people who have sacrificed their needs to provide us our comfortable lives. This Parents’ Day, share a token of love and appreciation with your Mom and Dad with our special range of handpicked products that will surely bring a smile on their faces.

When is Parents’ Day celebrated?

Parents’ Day is a special day celebrated worldwide to thank parents for their unconditional love and support. This year, Parents' Day is on Saturday, 1st June. The day celebrates the irreplaceable bond that we share with our Mom and Dad and offers every child, an excellent opportunity to thank their parents for all the efforts they've made in giving us a healthy and comfortable life.

Buy Parents’ Day gifts online with Seniority’s special offers and discounts

Looking for the perfect gift while also saving big?

We’ve got you covered. Find the perfect gift for your parents with our excellent variety of products ranging from massagers, books, grooming essential to home décor.

What’s more?

Seniority brings to you the best deals and offers on this special day. So, get shopping and make the most of our exquisite range of products, available on special prices.

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