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  1. 2 Abs Wrap Neoprene - Tynor Abs Wrap Neoprene - Tynor
    ₹719 ₹840
    14% OFF
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  2. 3 Contoured Cervical Pillow - Tynor Contoured Cervical Pillow - Tynor
    ₹1,189 ₹1,270
    6% OFF
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  3. 13 Wrist Brace with Thumb - Tynor Wrist Brace with Thumb - Tynor
    ₹158 ₹185
    15% OFF
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Supports & Splints

Does damaging your bones or joints after a surgery or an injury frightens you and keeps you away from your day to day tasks? Do you need support to carry out these daily activities, but don’t want to be dependent on anyone? Support accessories post-surgery or an injury are essential to keep you on your feet without depending on others!

Shop the Best Orthopedic Splints Online

Seniority has products that will support you from head to toe and make your day to day tasks easier. Some of these products are abdominal belts, cervical collars, arm sling, ankle binder, wrist splint, and many other products from renowned brands like Tynor, Vissco & Activeair. The products will not only support or protect you but also help you get better faster.

Get the support you need at your doorstep with Seniority. Act now for a better and independent living. Shop right here!

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