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  1. 1 Foot Traction Strip - Vissco Foot Traction Strip - Vissco
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  2. 2 Traction Weight Bag - Tynor Traction Weight Bag - Tynor
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  3. 8 Skin Traction - Janak Skin Traction - Janak
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Traction Kits

Relieve pressure on muscle, nerve tissues with Traction Kits. Traction is a set of mechanisms for straightening broken bones or relieving pressure on the spine and skeletal system. Traction kits are also used for minor fractures of the cervical spine, pelvic reason and other such parts which are not amenable to other types of immobilization. Keep the affected part in a specific position for some duration to relieve pressure.

Best Traction Kit for Elderly in India

Seniority caters to these needs with traction kits that are portable and could be used by patients at their home. There are several products available on the website ranging from Pelvic traction, Cervical traction, and new foot skin traction. Pelvic traction that has been recognized treatment for patients suffering from Lumbar Spondylosis. It helps alleviate lower back pain, as well as hip and leg pain associated with some lower back disorder. It also helps decrease herniation and reduces the compression in the spinal column, releasing trapped nerves, thus relieving pain. Cervical Traction Kit is designed to provide support and traction to the cervical and your neck and upper back. It relieves pressure by stretching the musculature and connective tissue components of the cervical spine. The lumbar traction is useful in the treatment of slip disc and other ailments of the backbone.

The traction kits can be ordered as per need from Seniority and will be delivered at your doorstep. The weight and the type of traction kit may depend on the treatment suggested by the doctor. A traction kit can be easily set up for home use.

Get everything you need for quick recovery at Seniority!

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