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This is a peppermint flavoured oxygen burst whose oil can help uplifting one's moods and energy. This flavour has many benefits for health a...
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In the absence of oxygen, human life is measured in minutes. Oxygen is an enormously friendly element, forming bonds with a wide range of molecules. About 21% of the air in the atmosphere is oxygen that we breathe but the air that we breathe is adulterated with pollution that is affecting our lives. Oxygen level can also be affected by air pollution, stress, intense workout, sports activities and alcohol consumption. Here we bring you pure oxygen with the tinge of peppermint flavour.

Peppermint is mainly cultivated for its fragrant oil as it can help one with energy, mood and alertness. Moreover, it benefits in controlling appetite and increases physical strength. It improves your mental focus and is the perfect stress reliever and reduces mental exhaustion. Peppermint enhances athletic performance as athletes showed improvement in areas of cardiovascular endurance and strength. Peppermint can be used to control natural appetite as well. Experiments have shown that volunteers who sniffed peppermint every two hours were not as hungry as non-sniffers. It is also very helpful with ones digestive system, and an instant reliever for stomach aches.

The peppermint flavour is a good alternative for mouth fresheners, as it not only freshens your bad breath but is beneficial for the respiratory system. This cool and refreshing peppermint scent is a go-to for all. Peppermint Oxygen is a natural blend of oxygen and Peppermint for all the negative effects of low oxygen. This flavour has many benefits for health and skin also, from radiant and glowing skin to clean respiratory system.

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