Precious Mogra Incense Sticks (Pack of 6 x 20 sticks each) - Hem

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Mogra Incense Sticks from Hem are made from a unique combination of extracts of Mogra flower and leaves. With a proper blend of essential oi...
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Mogra is one of the popular flowers, the alluring fragrance of Mogra flower is considered to work effectively against symptoms of insomnia, bronchitis, headache, depression, and anxiety. The sweet, delicate, scintillating fragrance with slight sharp undertones helps to create a soothing environment and enhance peace of mind.
Incense sticks hold an important place in all cultures. It is said that the natural aromas of the incense can help improve the mood and help your mind to focus. Burning the incense sticks has been a popular tradition within Indian culture. All religions in India use incense sticks while worshipping their God. The natural aromas of the incense sticks are considered to have healing powers that are naturally soothing and calming. The burning of incense is tranquil, it can lift the soul and bring back the fondest of recollections. It can also be used to subside into yoga custom, it helps to clean psyche from all antagonism and leaves the home feeling warm and noticing lovely.
Hem Incense Sticks are made by creating a unique blend of charcoal, essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, flowers, and resins. This amazing combination creates an irresistible and pleasant aroma that soothes the soul and mind. The handcrafted incense sticks from Hem are ideal for everyday use. It can be used in homes, offices, shops, any at any other place to spread soothing fragrance. It helps to remove the unpleasant odor, purifies the atmosphere and can also drive away bugs.

Note: Store in cool and dry places, keep it away from sources of inflammation.


  • Burning time of 35-40 mins
  • Irresistible fragrance of Mogra flowers
  • Handcrafted incense sticks for everyday use
  • Made from a natural blend of ingredients in precise proportions
  • Helps you to feel fresh, calm and relaxed
  • Keeps bad odor and bugs away

Product Specifications

Ingredients Mogra Extracts
Manufacturer Hem corporation, Mulund (E), Mumbai- 421302
Country of Origin India
SKU SEN063-8901810001022
No of Contents 120 Incense Sticks
Brand Hem
Return Policy Non Returnable

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1. How are these incense sticks made?

The incense sticks are handcrafted unique blend of charcoal, essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, flowers, and resins.

2. What is the burning time of these incense sticks?

It has the burning time of 35-40 mins.

3. Does it come with a fragrance?

All the incense sticks are made using natural extracts and essentials oils that add amazing and pleasant aromatic smell to it.

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