Premium Digital Tampons Regular Flow (20 Pieces) and Intimate Wipes (10 Pieces) - Sirona

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Sirona brings to you this kit including Premium digital tampons and Intimate wipes that is the perfect combo for when you travel. The tampon...
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Female hygiene kit by Sirona includes Premium digital tampons and Intimate wipes. The tampons made up of compressed layer of absorbent natural fibres. The fibre is smooth and doesn’t cause any rashes. The tampons have eight channels that allow even expansion which boosts its absorption capacity. It is leakproof and prevents menstrual odour. They provide 4 to 6 hours of protection from stains and are very comfortable to wear. You can carry on with your daily activities while wearing these without the fear if leakage. To save the tampon from deformity, it has a twist and turn opening. These tampons are suitable for regular flow.

The Intimate wipes contain no alcohol and help maintain the pH balance. The power of hydrogen is balanced to keep your intimate areas hydrated. They are easy to carry around and ideal for intimate areas. They are hypoallergenic and contain fruit extracts to leave you refreshed and moisturized. They are made of ultra-smooth fibre making them safe to be used on sensitive areas like underarms, bikini area.

Instructions for using Premium digital tampons

  • Wash hands and tear the protective foil open as indicated by the arrow, or slightly bend the tampon to break the foil open. Remove the bottom part of the protective foil.
  • Unwrap the tampon string and pull it quickly and firmly. Make sure that both the ends of the string are connected.
  • Push your index finger into the hollow at the end of the tampon and remove the top part of the foil.
  • Insert the tampon into the vagina. This will be easiest if your body is relaxed.
  • Push the tampon inside, as far back as possible at an angle. The tampon is inserted correctly when you can no longer feel it.
  • The tampon can be removed by slowly pulling the string downwards and forwards. Once the tampon has been removed, wash your hands.



  • The tampon has a smooth cover for easy insertion
  • Has a twist and turn opening
  • Highly absorbent fibre
  • Comfortable and rash free protection
  • Leakproof and odour free
  • Curved grooves for reliable protection
  • Provides 4 to 6 hours of protection
  • Wipes maintain pH balance
  • Fruit extracts to keep you fresh
  • No alcohol used
  • Hypoallergenic

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No of Contents Premium Digital Tampons Regular Flow (20 Pieces) and Intimate Wipes (10 Pieces)
Return Policy Non Returnable
Brand Sirona

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