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Premium Wheelchair KM 8520 is a classic wheelchair for those who travel frequently. It is lightweight ergonomic and easily portable. It is s...
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Premium Wheelchair KM 8520 suitable for people with conditions like thoracic and cervical spinal cord injury; those who need convenient lateral movement. Premium Wheelchair KM 8520 is a very convenient one to move from wheelchair to other supportive surfaces since the armrest can be swung upward and the footrest can be rotated outward. It has a foldable backrest and frame for easy storage and transport. KM-8000 series is a classic model in terms of firmness and durability. The original concept of KM-8000 series was to build the safest multi-functional wheelchair that can serve basic needs for all. With its strong structure design, this series has earned a reputation for being the most reliable wheelchair for heavy users. The model has recently been incorporated into government health insurance systems in Australia and New Zealand. The KM-8520 is one of the very few models with flip-back armrest and swing-away footrest that also pass both Two-Drum test and Drop test. Passing the Two-Drum test suggests that the wheelchair is capable of facilitating movement on difficult or uneven terrain with multiple speedy turns while maintaining the product 's integral. Passing the Drop test suggests safe and concrete structure under high impact force from outside.

Product Specifications

Return Policy 10 days replacement only in case of manufacturing defects
Seat Width 43 - 48 cm
Model Weight 10 - 40 kg
Wheelchair Type Special Function
Footrest Type Detachable
Height 70 - 90 cm
Armrest Type Flip-up
Brand Karma
SKU KM-8520
Weight bearing capacity Upto 150 kg
Foldable Yes
No-cost EMI Yes

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1. How does Tension Adjustable Backrest and Seat help to prevent hammock effect?

The backrest comes with the adjustable Velcro straps to change the tension and conform according to the user, this helps to prevent slouching and the hammock effect.

2. Are the armrests of the chair detachable?

No, it has flip arm armrest that makes it easy to get on and off the wheelchair or roll closer to a table or desk.

3. Is the footrest of the chair detachable?

No, it has swing away footrests that allows easy transfer.

4. What is the maximum load-bearing capacity of the wheelchair?

The chair can bear 130 kg of weight.

5. What is the total weight of the wheelchair?

The wheelchair weighs about 15.5 kg.

From the Manufacturer

Founded in 1987, Karma Medical is a global mobility brand that has grown over the years to enrich the lives of physically challenged individuals. With a strong global presence, they manufacture world-class quality mobility aid devices like pediatric, manual and power wheelchairs. They also design walking sticks, canes, walkers and crutches to help individuals walk independently and lead a fulfilling life
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