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Collected by the bees from the beautiful white flowers of Acacia, the authentic acacia honey is made from the nectar of Black Locust tree fl...
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Acacia has a mild sweet floral flavour and is considered to be one of the best tasting honey in the world. This honey naturally possesses hydrogen peroxide, which is very high on the antibacterial component. The honey can be used as an immunity booster, for healthy weight loss and skin care. This light golden and clear like glass honey has a mild floral taste with a hint of vanilla. It has low sucrose content and high in fructose which makes it suitable for people who are sensitive to sugar. It has many other benefits for skin and body. Acacia honey is also good for people who have chronic Hypoglycaemia as it balances the blood sugar levels. It is rich in carbohydrates and gets absorbed easily in blood along with other nutrients of honey. The honey is rich in iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, copper and vitamin C which are antioxidants and help reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and scars. It is a natural moisturizer which softens the skin organically on daily use. You can use honey in face packs or eat a spoonful daily for glowing and healthy skin. Using Acacia honey on a daily basis can give your body a burst of antioxidants that seek free radicals in the body. This reduces oxidation and cellular damage which are pathways for cancer, aging and a variety of diseases.
Taking acacia honey with milk or water can keep your energy levels high throughout the day while keeping you fresh. This honey boosts your immunity as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It keeps you away from common infections like cough and cold and treats them as well. It helps reduce the damage of liver and intestine and deep cleanses your body by detoxifying your liver and conditioning the intestine. Because honey acts as an antioxidant it reduces oxidation stress which is a major cause of cell damage. Honey is also known for lipid reduction in the body which reduces excess body weight. When used with warm water on an empty stomach it can cut down the fats and give you the energy to workout.
Acacia honey is traditionally used on wounds, cuts, and burns as it has a resistance to microbial activity. Regular use of honey for a week can make the wound sterile and also helps in reducing wound scars after the recovery. It activates keratinocyte re-epithelialization which facilitates an increase in wound contraction, breaking strength, tissue granulation.


  • Pure and natural honey
  • Contains no added artificial flavours
  • Unpasteurized, unprocessed and unheated
  • Acts as a natural sweetener
  • Made from the nectar of Black Locust tree flowers
  • As it is unheated, unpasteurized, and unprocessed it serves as the best ingredient for your daily diet
  • Naturally possesses hydrogen peroxide, which is very high on antibacterial component
  • Acts as a immunity booster for healthy weight loss, skin care and as an energy booster
  • It has mild floral taste and is considered to be very good for culinary applications
  • Natural honey contains many useful probiotic enzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins

Product Specifications

Shelf Life 18 Months
Return Policy Non Returnable
Ingredients 100% honey
Product Weight 325 gm

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