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Shilajit is rich in fulvic acid and its regular consumption helps in healing the skin and organs. It improves heart health, slows down aging...
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Kashmiri Shilajit is rich in fulvic acid and helpsto increase potency, testosterone, androgen, and estrogen. It has beencollected in resin form from high altitude regions in the Himalayan range.Consuming it regularly helps in healing the skin and organs. It also helps in improvingphysical performance and energy levels and aids in post-workout recovery.Shilajit helps improve heart health and slows down aging. It has antioxidantproperties which improve the body’s immunity and acts as an immunity booster.It is a diuretic and helps in removing the excess fluid from the body. It isgood for overall health and well-being and helps increase strength, stamina,vigor and vitality.


  • Rich in fulvic acid
  • Collected in resin form from the Himalayan range
  • Help improve physical performance
  • Aids in post-workout recovery
  • Helps in slowing down ageing
  • Has antioxidant properties
  • Helps increase strength, stamina, vigour and vitality
  • Helps boost the immunity
  • Helps increase potency, testosterone, androgen and oestrogen

Product Specifications

SKU SEN330-NP-SJ-0003-10gm-Oraganickashmir
Manufacturer Hamiast Global Private Limited, Firdous Abad Sunjwan Road- 180012
Country of Origin India
Shelf Life Best before 24 months from date of manufacturing
Return Policy Non Returnable
Brand Organic Kashmir

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